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Monday, April 14, 2008

FHE: Finish What You Start

I am still recovering from the loss of my mom...it's was dinnertime, yet there was no food on the table! What happened? Oh yeah...someone has to do the cooking around here. So we had leftovers.

For Family Home Evening tonight, we talked home improvement. And no, we didn't grunt like Tim Allen. Instead, we took a trip to the local Home Depot and discussed plans. Since we painted the living room, we are also putting up crown molding. We were pretty sure which style we wanted. Luckily, we found a remnant in our chosen style, so we took it home to hold against the wall and ceiling in various locations to see if that was really what we wanted. Oh, the exciting life I lead.

We also got an edger-thingy. Not quite sure what the official term is but it's to help hold back the carpet while I paint the baseboards. It's pretty cool. I just hopes it works.

And we strolled around the garden section, where most of my ideas and suggestions were heartlessly shot down without a backwards glance. Oh, wait...the Man occasionally reads my blog...so let's try that again.

And we strolled around the garden section, calmly discussing and exchanging contrasting ideas on how we each thought the front of the house would look with various vegetation. Ultimately, we opted to wait on making any decisions. And I tried not to pout.

Treat: Brownies my mom made while she was here. These suckers have two pounds of chocolate in them! Seriously! I go all giddy just thinking about them!


Amber said...

Sounds like fun. We had an impromptu lesson on 'personal safety' and then a rousing game of hide and go seek. There were tears when I wasn't found last (I'm trying to be a better sport- I really am). I can't wait to be in a house and make some real plans as far as painting/gardening/etc.

Emily said...

mmmm...my kind of brownies!

No offence to your Man, but I think men are kind of heartless when it comes to gardens, yards, plants and things like that.
I was told this year to "stop trying to make things grow." He has his happy logical reasons, but I don't care! I wanna plant things! Where’s he get off throwing logic at me anyway? Like logic has ever influenced my decisions!
humph Men. :P

Emma said...

Jessica, your life is much more exciting than mine. Seriously. I can't wait for the day we go to Home Depot for paint, crow molding and gardening essestials. But I know I will look around for my fairy godmother to appear to foot the bill. The brownies sound delicious!

Amanda said...

If I only had a $1000 gift card to home depot I would go CRAZY! There is so much I want to do:) I love looking a my painted wall or a new ceiling fan and smiling:) It will give me pleasure for years to come:)

Jill said...

I have so many fun ideas of ways to spruce up our home, most of which are met with an eye roll from DH because he knows the chances of me actually following through with a project are slim to none. I've discovered that to have any home improvements done in our house we either:
A. Pay someone to come and do it.
B. Wait for FIL to come into town. He likes projects.
Last weekend I did manage to hang some drapes, and two pictures on the wall.
Those brownies sound delicious!

Kenney Crew said...

How fun! Justin decided to do a little home improvement of his own tonight. It involved orange gatorade, the wall and my freshly mopped kitchen floor. Something similar seems to occur whenever I mop...why does that always happen? I've decided either I shouldn't mop or I should wrap my kids up in bubble wrap...I'm not sure if either would help with the messes, but I'd find great pleasure in popping all the bubbles.

As for the brownies, "Yum yum yum yum yum...Delicioso!" Apparently I'm learning Spanish from Dora as well.

The Ward Family said...

Home Improvement with Tim Allen was hilarious. There was this guy in church back in the day who always tried to grunt like him. Good luck with the painting.

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