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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Petting the Wind

A good friend and I have a standing play date. We try to get the kids together once a month and do something fun outside the house. This time, we visited a local petting farm.

The morning had an ominous start. The Man called to inform me that he had both sets of car keys in his pocket. I guess I need to start buying him tighter jeans if two wads of metal bits don't phase him. And being the big meanie that I am, I made him drive home and give me back my keys. He arrived just about the time we were getting ready to head out. The Man casually mentioned that the wind was blowing rather strong up by his office. Should have listened a little better.

We arrive and the place is pretty empty. Usually, it's packed. Yet another sign we ignore. Then we tried opening the doors. Ooooooh boy. Now that was an experience. The wind was blowing so hard that the kids had a difficult time walking forward, we had to support them from behind. As quickly as possible, we get inside the building. Then begins the debate: stay or go? The kids are far too stoked about seeing animals to leave here without tears and possibly screaming. Shucks. The attendant assures us that the main building offers a wind break with only the furthest reaches being windy. We decide to go for it.

Here the kids greet a distant relative. Wind is not bad at all! Glad we grabbed jackets, though.

These pygmy goats were about the cutest things there...besides the kids, of course.

And of course, the pony rides. Life would no longer be worth living if da Boo didn't get to ride the ponies. Da Boo is riding Lacy and the Boy is on Nutmeg (although I strongly suspect the male attendant made up those names just to appease me). Surprisingly, it was the Boy who threw the biggest fit when the ride was over.

We couldn't stop to see the various poultry because the wind was just too much over in that section but I did get to admire some beautiful horses. Then, I'd had enough of their attitude so I put the kids in jail.

Da Boo said she was in for stealing the farmer's horse and the Boy said he was guilty of being stinky (which is often the case).

Instead of enjoying a leisurely picnic at the petting farm, we fed the kids in the car on the way back home. I got to eat my lunch at stoplights. Then it was time for naps! Woot!


Tausha said...

sounds like you had a pretty fun day to spite the wind.
As for eating at stoplights-isn't that where moms are supposed to eat their food?

Jo said...

They musta been pretty good for you, you didn't let them blow away in the wind.

Kenney Crew said...

Wanted: Fer being TOO CUTE!!!!!

Amanda said...

Seems like a good trip despite that darn wind!!!!!!

BkenneyBme said...

Those pictures are SOOO cute! I love your commentary, it's hilarious.

Caroline said...

You crack me up. Maybe I need to get out more, with my kids :)

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