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Friday, April 18, 2008

Birthday Week for the Boy

Beginning Sunday, we started celebrating the Boy's Birthday week. Monday, we had lunch with friends and then got to play with them at our neighborhood park (I got a little sunburned, if you can believe that). Tuesday, we went with another friend to the local petting zoo. It was possibly the windiest day in history so that made for some interesting challenges but still a good day. Wednesday, the Boy and I made cookies (7 Layer Bars) together. He likes to help me cook, there's just not much he can do so this was the perfect recipe for him. We also took The Co-ed shopping and I let the kids get their own bags of popcorn 'cuz I am the bestest Mom evah! (and I luhve having tiny little pieces of popcorn all over my carpets). Thursday, we went to the library and the Boy got to pick the movie we check out. He chose Safe Side...again.

Today was his actual birthday. Da Boo wanted to give him her present first thing in the morning. I probably should have wrapped this the night before because I gotta say, to a person who is half awake, invisible tape is mind-boggling. The Boy didn't seem to mind as he immediately ripped it right off. Then after eating a sugar-laden breakfast (because it is the most important meal of the day), he got to open a gift from Grandma (the Man's mom). After they played some, I brought out the gift my mom got him while she was here. I rolled it out for him and his head exploded, he was so excited. He squealed several decibels higher than usual when I announced that he would get to go to Kangaroo Zoo again today. First, he got to eat lunch out. He chose the location based purely on the play equipment, so off to Arctic Circle we went. I don't like their food, but their ice cream is good, their play area is perfect for smaller kids and they give out those free mini-cones so the Boy thinks it's a close as one can get to Heaven. After lunch and scrambling around in plastic compartments, we headed to Kangaroo Zoo. This time, no one beat up my kids (unless you count their own siblings) and I only lost one of them for seven minutes. But after we'd been there one hour, the tantrums started. The Man was supposed to meet us there as a surprise but he was running late (no surprise). By the time he arrived, I was ready for a tantrum. So we all went home and took naps.

For dinner, we had the Boy's favorite things: chicken nuggets, pears, crescent rolls and jello. When I asked him what kind of cake he wanted, he said strawberry so that's what he got. Because it's very pink, I let him choose the candles (he picked little tiki heads) and place them on the cake. He'll get the fancy, decorated cake for his party in a little bit, no worries.

Here he is with his loot: new jammies, new toy Cars, new rug to play on. He had a great birthday, was constantly hyped up on sugar and had a steady stream of presents coming in. Not bad for three years old.


Lindsay said...

He is such a handsome kid! Sounds like a fun week, Happy Birthday to the Boy!!

Bonnie said...

He's adorable. thanks for your comment. Yes she does have a soft spot for rolly pollies. I haven't found any in her bed yet. She also likes worms. She has played house with them too.

Emma said...

Wow I want to live at your house for a birthday WEEK! Wish him happy birthday from us!

Jill said...

Happy birthday to the boy, He's so cute!
I didn't realize that our boys were so close to the same age. Max will be three next week also.
My daughter always manages turning her birthday week into a birthday "two weeks."

Jo said...

Happy Birthday to the Boy!

Kenney Crew said...

The Boy and my Ry would have way too much fun together. The trouble they could get into...holy cow.

Amanda said...

That is a really cute picture:) Sounds like he is having the never-ending birthday!!!!!

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