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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pass It On!

Quite awhile ago, my friend had a craft Pay It Forward on her blog. The rules are the first three people to comment get a craft from the blog owner but then those three must do the same on their blogs and offer a craft to their first three comments. Easy enough, right?

She gave me this really cute frame. I'm not sure what I will make but lately, I've been playing with making jewelry and have gotten decent enough to where my creations aren't always crooked...or maybe I'll just bring cupcakes. :)

Any first three comments get a craft from me! After you see that you are in the first three, please email my duckduckcow gmail account with your address (unless, of course, you're my neighbor or related to me in some manner...) so I have somewhere to send the craft. When you've posted the Pay It Forward on your site, let know and I'll link to it!

Good Luck!


Amber said...


Amber said...

Whew! I've never won anything (on a blog)!! WOo WOo!

Emma said...

I would love a crafty Jessica creation!

DaisyJ said...
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DaisyJ said...

Can I be #3 since amber left 2 comments? I would love to do the pay it forward craft game on my blog too!

Tipi said...

What if we don't Blog?

are you trying to pressure me into it again!?!

Tausha said...

I am really not that far off number 3-make an exception! j/k!
What a great idea. I think that i will do it on my blog. fun way to make me craft. Sounds like just the thing to kick my butt back into the craft room!

I wisht that there was a grease monkey here. It sounds almost pleasant to go and get an oil change and tire rotation. Flowers and mints. Obviously they target the women. Smart people!!!

I can't believe that your so called "friend" would do that. I am trying to figure out what she would possibly get out of lying to everyone about a friend that has cancer. Was she that desperate for attention? Cute pics of your kids. Rock band huh? My kids love to do that too. My parents are doing their basement and a stage is going in a corner so the grankids can perform whenever they want. My dad is also a drum player, so I am thnking that he secretly misses the stage when playing. Maybe when it's done we can request a concert, bring some lighters and link arms and sway. Sure that he would love that!!

Kenney Crew said...

You will do this again, right???? Someday I will be fast enough to get a craft from Jess...someday.

Sorry I've been off in la la land, things are nuts at the minute.

Emma said...

I am finally posting on my blog, here you go!


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