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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Foto (after) Friday #10

Maybe I ought to find a better name for this feature...seeing as how I keep posting on days other than Friday. Any suggestions?

Anyway, quite the eventful week, my friends!

Da Boo started dance class. Its her first time taking a formal class, although she loves to try to copy the moves on "Hairspray." I think I might let her watch "High School Musical" for the songs and dancing (and for Zac Efron, but that's more for me).

Homework time! Da Boo is finishing an assignment she didn't get done at school, writing the letter "F". The Boy's teacher sends home one sheet of homework after each class. Since this is the young preschool, he's just been tracing lines and letters. He was missing the concept of "tracing" and was just drawing whatever he felt like. I explained that it was like playing connect-the-dots. After he turned in the first assignment, his teacher gave it back to him with a sucker taped to it. You would have thought she'd given him his weight in candy, as excited as he was.

And here's a tip for you fellow distracted mothers of young children out there: when backing out of your garage, it is better to just stop the van so you can instruct your child on the proper use of a seat belt instead of keeping the vehicle moving.

Yep. Broke the mirror. Or as the Boy likes to say: "Mommy broke the van's ear." Luckily, I just really messed up the mirror part and didn't tear the whole thing off the van, otherwise, the Man might not be speaking to me. It's about $100 repair, instead of a $500 repair. My reasoning was hey, this is the first real damage I've done to my van. I think making it three years in a vehicle without anything major happening is reason for celebration! Right? Right??!

I better go make him a cheesecake or something...

What have you done to your car lately?
Any good homework tips?


Adam and Kristina said...

OK, I've totally done that to my side mirror, and we had to duct tape the mirror on. Not ghetto at all.

And your kids are so cute! I love their little glasses. Adorable.

Kristie said...

I got a nice LONG scrape and dent in my van 3 days (yes, days) after getting it. I was a bit closer than I realized to that shopping cart in Sam's parking lot!!!!! :) I love all the pictures. What adorable little kiddos you have!!! I know I always say that, but it is just so true!!!!!!

Diane said...

When a van and a "Razor" scooter get in a fight, the scooter will win. That was an expensive life lesson I learned a few years ago.

Heather said...
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Jan said...

Cute kids, not so cute mirror. Sorry Jessica.

Deborah said...

You know, I think I do the same thing. I'm still backing out while our little guy is saying "Help, help!" All I say is, "I'm going slow, you can do it I know you can!" Luckily we have a very long driveway with nothing around it except for a small statue of a man holding a light that I always miss hitting by only inches. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Glad the hit wasn't worse.
I love the pictures of your kids doing homework. For kindergarten Sean had to write his last name for homework 5 times. That was crazy. Poor guy. It was torcher for me to watch him write 15 letters over and over.

Jo said...

She looks so, so, so darling in her little leo, all ready for dance! And the cute homework! Dear dear, I am sure there are some not cute things at your house, but when it comes to your kidlets, cuteness reigns.
Sorry about the car, know how that feels.

North Dakota Ward's said...

Looks like we are all in good company with the whole knocking off the side mirrors. Poor car ear.

Jessica said...

I've ripped by mirror off. Only it was at one of those self car washes. The mirror caught on the hose and I just kept on driving. Ripped the whole thing off. My husband was less than thrilled.

Jill said...

Good job getting the homework habit started now!

Max doesn't have official homework, but at preschool, they only have them do one side of the worksheet, so we have him finish the other side when he gets home. He works on this while the other kids are doing their homework, and he takes it very seriously.

Your kids are adorable! How did Da Boo like her dance class?

Amber said...

We hit a giant goose on the freeway a couple weeks ago. It ripped some of the plastic underneath the front of the car but didn't seem to damage anything inside. (By the way, the goose was already gone when we hit it)

Tiffany Wilson said...

Your little accident isn't bad at all! I have an awkward driveway so I've managed to side-swipe our gate, my house, and a telephone pole. Apparently I'm a complete moron! My hubby just makes fun of me. . .and I can't even defend it.

BTW, what about the name Charlotte? It's classic, it's literary, it seems to meet your criteria. Just a suggestion!

Kelly said...

Oh wow, if yo uhave gone 3 years, that is reason to celebrate. I can vouch for that! I have few tiny door dings from others hitting my car in a parking lot but that is it. I've had my car for 5 1/2 years now WOOHOO (it's paid for now onto a mini van next year). I have a few coworkers that have done the exact same thing that you did.
As for homework tips, we make Megan do the homework at the kitchen table, always have. There are less destractions in the kitchen, especially when I take Kyla upstairs while Megan does her homework.

Tausha said...

I have done something similar to that. I wasn't paying attention and my stupid husband parked behind me, what a idiot, who does that? can you tell that I am in denial that it wasn't my fault? I am sure that you can imagine what i did. So-there was a bit of a dent in the back of the van. Crap! At least it wasn't my fault! As for homework. I am no help. My children have so much homework, I want to scream every single day! 6 is in first grade and she has 3 papers plus reading for 20 minutes every night. The kicker with the reading-she only reads the common words. So-it kind of sucks that we get to read the dr suess books over and over again. She has more homework than 8 does. I know that they need to practice the concepts at home, but 3 pages? Our school alone uses enough paper that I could wallpaper my kitchen with a months worth of papers! Not kidding! Good luck with the whole cheesecake thing. Wish we were neighbors, I would come over and help you eat it! Cause you know, thats what friends are for!
How was this for just a little bit to say? Didn't know that you were going to get to read a novel did you? Heck-I can't even end my post with shortness. geesh!

Tipi said...

need a silver lining?

At least you have a car that runs.

Did that help?

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