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Friday, September 12, 2008

Nobody Doesn't Like Cake

For awhile I've been reading a new blog. I haven't listed it yet because well, I'm trying to protect myself. See, the blog is called Cake Wrecks and they post hilarious accounts of cakes gone horribly, horribly wrong. And I am so incredibly paranoid that one of my cakes is going to end up as the daily post. But this site is really too good to keep secret so please, go have a look!

And I found this bit by comedian Jim Gaffigan posted on Cake Wrecks. It's about the best comedy routine I've seen about my obsession. Enjoy!


Adam and Kristina said...

I actually posted my favorite cakes from Cake Wrecks, on my blog, a couple weeks ago.

And I LOVE Jim Gaffigan. Adam and I saw him at a very small comedy club in NYC, a few years and and it was a marriage made in heaven.

Heather said...

I'm glad you are on board with my cake wrecks obsession...

Lindy said...

I'm a cake wrecks addict now too. so funny.

Tipi said...

That was defiantly the funniest Comedian I've seen in a while!

and I must confess.
I Do Not like cake.
I like to decorate them and give them away.
I do not like to eat them.
Maybe a piece everyonce in a while but I'd prefer a pie
or brownie
or the most glorious of all a brownie pie with ice cream!

yes, I am hungry why do you ask?

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