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Monday, September 15, 2008

Roll Over, I'm Squooshed!

Remember that song? "Five little kids, sleeping in the bed and the little one said 'Roll over, I'm squooshed/smashed/squashed/suffocating on your B.O.!' So they all rolled over and one fell off. Four little kids, sleeping in the bed..."

We are currently sleeping with four in our bed. It's a queen-sized so you'd think there'd be room but...not so much. Before our current situation, I would joke with the Man that really we only need a twin bed because he manages to sleep on my side, anyway. Now I am thinking we might just need separate rooms to solve the problem.

Maybe you don't know this, but I am pregnant. What you also might not know is that I am a...curvaceous woman. There's a whole lot of me to love. Just ask the Wii Fit. It's gets plenty angry at me for gaining weight. It's rather opinionated for being a machine. But I digress...

So there's me, the Man and the Baby all trying to share the same bed. Normally, not an issue. We've done this twice before. With da Boo, anytime the Man got near my belly, she'd kick him so that opened up more space. And the Boy, well, he never stopped kicking so again, space not an issue. This baby is more reserved. If she thinks you are paying attention to her, she immediately stops moving. The Man doesn't get thumped in the gut so he scoots over to my side.

Things are already a little crowded. Then comes George. George has been with us since before I had the Boy and frankly, I cannot imagine life without him. The Man resents George's presence and is always trying to pull him out of our bed but I insist. I must have George or I can't sleep. The Man simply doesn't understand our complex feelings.

This is George. He's a body pillow (and no, I am not a huge fan of Coca-Cola, although I do enjoy some of their products. This happened to be the only pattern available when I finally broke down and got one). He's what makes my sciatic nerve feel all better when I try to sleep during pregnancy (numb legs are not comfortable, neither is crippling lower back pain). So my poor, reproducing body can rest properly, George must be positioned between me and The Man.

Therefore, we are getting a little crowded.


Adam and Kristina said...

The best purchase we ever made, was a king size bed. Whenever our friends get married, we push and push them to get a king size. I'm convinced it's saved our marriage.

Jo said...

Tell the man, he knew what he was getting into, so no whining from him!

Kristie said...

You just have to give him a good kick and tell him to move over at night!! :) Works for me anyway!!!

Tipi said...

I was kept up all night last night by My Loves tossing and turning... I'm threatening to slip muscle relaxers into his food tonight!

Don't think will solve yours and Q's problem though.

Amanda said...

lol! I seriously had to kick Steve out of the bed. Then I slept much better in the middle of my big ol' KING size bed! All to myself!

DaisyJ said...

Body pillows are amazing for pregnant women! Mine totally saved me while I was Prego! I still like to sleep with it. If you don't like the coca-cola pattern they have body pillow covers you can get. I got a nice fuzzy one at Target a few months back!

Jill said...

When I was pregnant, I used two body pillows, one on each side of me. That way, if I ever needed to roll over (and was actually able to accomplish this feat) then my pillow was right there waiting for me:0D
It's a good thing that we have a California king.

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