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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Product Review: Sipahh Milk Flavoring Straws

You know that rule that says you should never go grocery shopping when you're hungry? Yeah. I have a habit of forgetting about that one...And even though I allow myself a little extra in the food budget for those impulse buys, I will totally blow my budget out of the water if I am the least bit hungry - especially since I'm pregnant.

So a few weeks ago, I was at the store, deciding on juice for the kids when I happened to glance across the aisle at the hot chocolate mixes and such. I saw these:

Sipahh Milk Flavoring Straws. Hrmmmm...interesting. In my never-ending search to find something fun for after-school snacks, I thought these would be fun. They were $3.50 for a package of 10, which was a little pricey but hey, I was already holding the box of chocolate straws (there's also strawberry, cookies and cream, and banana) and I was hungry. So into the cart they went. When I ran out of cookies for snack, I broke out these babies.

Basically, it's a plastic straw that has the flavoring sealed inside. Pop it into your milk and take a drink. Milk is pulled through the flavoring and by the time it hits your taste buds, holy yumminess, Batman! But the ultimate test was what the kids would say when they tried it. Their reaction?

I think they like it. I can't be sure because they wouldn't stop sipping long enough to give me a response. I snuck a sip when one of the kids was distracted by something shiny (and possibly shaped like Thomas the Tank Engine). It's not too bad! Taste like flavored chocolate milk. I'm a purist and prefer the chocolate syrup but in a pinch, this would do. Besides, the kids are hooked.

The straws are individually packaged, which is a good idea. Makes it easier to take with you. Could be a lifesaver in those unfortunately moments when the restaurant is - gasp! - out of chocolate milk and only has plain. It does add about a teaspoon of sugar to each glass of milk. Not a terribly large amount but might be something to pay attention to if your child goes all whack-a-doodle on sugar. I still think the price is a little high so the Sipahh straws won't be a regular feature on my shopping list but I will give the other flavors a shot...except for the banana one.


Jill said...

Since I have a child who actually stands guard in front of the refrigerator to keep others from drinking the chocolate milk, I might just have to try these.

Kristina P. said...

I LOVE milk. And I love delicious little straws to make my milk even yummier. I will definitely be trying these.

Heather said...

Oh I got a package of these from one of my friends this summer. I've had the strawberry and the cookies in cream. My nephew Jacob even tried it and LOVED it plus it was a fun way to drink milk. I think the cookies in cream is really strong at first--so much that I started to cough after having it but Jacob thought it was wonderful. My pick is the strawberry.

Kristie said...

My mom brought some of the cookies and cream ones to the kids when she came when our baby was born lsat Sept. I thought that they were pretty tasty, but the kids really thought that they were going to be chocolate. I may have to try the chocolate ones to see how they like them. Thanks for the review.

Tausha said...

mu kidlets love these. I only buy them when they are on sale-last tiime I got them for about $2.50-still a little pricey for me. I saw them on Good things utah a while ago and my SIL said I must buy them because my children would love them.
She was spot on. I like the chocolate-not the banana and not the cookies and cream. The cookie one is a little strong.
They are a brilliant invention-they would be great for 72 hour kits-you know so you could make that powdered milk taste a little better.
Too bad we didn't think of this little invention huh?

Tausha said...

I was just reading your past posts-oh my heck those penguins are the cutest thing I have ever seen. I am thinking that my kids would love those-what am I saying-they would just love it if their mother gave them an after school snack that wasn't pre-made.
I know, I am a slacker-I am working on it. thanks for sharing such a fun idea!

Amanda said...

P likes something similar to this but cheaper...It is Cereal like straws choc. coated on the inside. You eat them when you are done drinking the milk:)

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