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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pride Goeth Before The Fall

So today was the Boy's birthday party. I will totally blog all about it in a bit but first I wanted to show you the cake.

Not bad, right? Kinda cute, goes with the "ball" theme. I wasn't too keen on how that blue color turned out but that's not the worst of it. Just when I've gotten to thinking that maybe my cakes are good and I ought to start charging for them...just when I've introduced myself to new acquaintances as a cake decorator...THIS happens:

When I was setting the top layer on the round, a big chunk crumbled off in my hand. There was nothing I could do! I tried filling in with icing but knew that was a flawed plan. Then I was going to get one of those huge jawbreakers, the kind that are the size of your fist, and wedge it into the depression so it looked like someone had thrown a ball in the cake. Decided against that and just put the ugly part in the back. Still, I knew it was there and it just ruined the whole cake for me. Seriously, what if I had made this for someone who was paying me, not a good friend, but an actual client? I think I would have cried my eyes out and spent the whole night baking a whole new cake.

And since someone is probably going to ask, I made the ball part of the cake from a pan I have. I used it on another recent cake.


Kristie said...

Wow!! what an awesome looking cake!! I am sorry that it crumbled in the back, but it still looks so great!!! You are VERY talented in making those cakes. I'm jealous!!!!! I hope that it was a great party.

Amanda said...

That cake is seriously AWESOME! Your too hard on yourself! Everyone makes a boo boo once in a while. Girl...CHARGE for your cakes!!! They are wonderful! If they even taste half as good as they look then I'd be happy!

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