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Monday, April 9, 2007

FHE: How Does Your Garden Grow?

For Family Home Evening tonight, we had an outdoor activity. Since the Man has been laid up with various ailments, he is behind on getting the garden started. We had ready access to willing slave labor so we got the kids all excited about planting seeds.

Opening Song: Give, Said the Little Stream (led by me)

Opening Prayer: da Boo (possibly a record for fastest prayer ever)

Lesson: Quick briefing by Dad as to how we would plant the seeds. We then regrouped outside, where the Man had prepared a trench and set up the wire frame for the bush beans. The kids got to plant the seeds. In her usual style, da Boo was very careful and compassionate, talking to each seed as she placed it in it's new home. On the other hand, I was surprised the Boy didn't opt for eating all of his seeds. After a generous watering (that was briefly delayed by the hysterics that ensued once spiders were discovered in da Boo's watering can), we said goodnight and headed back inside.

Closing Song: Popcorn Popping (very Spring-ish)

Closing Prayer: da Boo (after some non-reverent encouragement to say the prayer)

Treat: Piece of Easter cake that the kids got to decorate with Aunt Denise after Easter dinner. She was very brave and even let them spread the chocolate frosting. As you can tell from their faces, they had a great time!


Amanda said...

Too cute:) I love that he did not eat the seeds...but you thought he would:) I bet they LOVEd that cake! P does love sweets.....but that is about all he loves lately...so he is drinking a slim-fast for Breakfast:) Am I a great mom...or what?!

Kristie said...

Sounds like a fun FHE to me!!! My boys would love to plant a garden if we would ever just get a house and it would stop snowing here!!! :) In our FHE last night we had a very fun game of Hide and Seek!!!

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