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Monday, April 23, 2007

FHE: Following God's Plan

This was a trial run of the Activity Day girls' plan for Wednesday. We are having them put together their own FHE. So I used my family as guinea pigs to see if this was any fun.

Song: The Man was in charge of songs. I'm a little surprised he didn't pick something from Def Leopard. We sang I Am A Child Of God.

Prayer: It was the Boy's turn so Daddy said the opening prayer.

Lesson: My turn (shocker). I downloaded this lesson. We talked about how God has a plan for us and to help us, He has asked us to do some things. I asked what we are asked to do and da Boo did a very good job answering: God wants us to be nice. And really, isn't that it? If we could be nice, so many problems would be fixed!
She had some more ideas and Daddy added a couple too - read our scriptures, keep the Word of Wisdom (see note at the end), obey our parents, and again, be nice to everyone (even little brothers).
After the lesson we had a quick activity. I blindfolded everyone, including the Boy. Then they stood at one end of the room, da Boo in front with Daddy holding onto her shoulders and the Boy holding her hand (I KNOW! I sooooo should have taken a picture). I put chairs in the way. Then, I gave them directions, told them which path to take to reach me. After the initial rush of giggles, they listened very well. The point was that if we listen to what God has told us we need to do, we can eventually reach our goal and be with Him again.

Song: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (listening to the Boy try to sing this will melt your heart).

Prayer: da Boo volunteers.

Treat: da Boo had a hard time deciding but finally chose chocolate chip cookies. Nestle makes a vat of cookie dough that we get from Costco so the kids helped me roll some into balls. Nothing like melty chocolate chip cookies and some milk!

The Man and da Boo played golf on the wii while the cookies baked. Guess who won? Da Boo!

* Note: I substituted for da Boo's Primary class on Sunday. I got the notorious phone call three hours before church. Oh goody. The topic was the Word of Wisdom. I don't remember where I originally got the idea but I had a picture of a boy with his mouth wide open and cut out. Also, there was a trash can with the top cut open. Then I printed out pictures of all sorts of food: good and bad. The kids pulled a picture out and decided if we wanted to feed it to the happy boy or if it belonged in the trash. The kids loved it and when we ended the lesson with time left, they wanted to play it again. We also did this for FHE awhile ago. I think I need to laminate the pictures so they'll last.


Kristie said...

Such a great FHE lesson. Ours was not so spiritual this week as we went and saw "Meet the Robinsons" but it was still a great family activity!!! Those cookies sound good. I think I'll have to make some for afternoon snack!!!!!

Heather said...

As per your note...You are a MUCH better member then I-because I will not answer the phone on Sunday morning because I don't love the last minute things..

Amanda said...

We have been slacking on FHE lately:(
Love your ideas on FHE always:) I do not feel sorry for you about subbing primary...Steve and I are BOTH in primary and it is so hard to find a sub.!!!! And every time P is sick one of us has too. So I praise you for doing the job!

Debi said...

I love hearing about your FHE's. You are such a good writer. I feel like I was right there with you!

Kelly said...

What a great lesson Jessie.

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