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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

We hope you had a good Easter and were able to think of the many miracles that Jesus worked on our behalf.
Yesterday we had two Easter egg hunts, at the same time. One was up at the church and included breakfast. The second was in our neighborhood and had the Easter Bunny. We went for breakfast first.
Da Boo liked the fact that she could reach the "big kid" eggs. Oh, wow! Another yellow egg! Not surprising. Also not surprising is the fact that Boy has something non-edible in his mouth.
The neighborhood event had the eggs split into three age levels. The Boy's group was scattered over the basketball court. I purposely did not crop the photo so you could see the sort of chaos that ensued. There was a limit of 12 per child but lots of parents were not enforcing it. Notice the girl behind the Boy with the full bucket. The girl next to her only had 2 eggs in her basket. The Boy barely managed the 12 before all the eggs were gone. Da Boo was in the middle group but she was the youngest. She didn't come close to12. I about had to tackle a kid who snatched up an egg my girl was reaching for. Luckily for him, a look was enough for him to drop it.
And here's the Easter Bunny! His name was Peter. The Boy thought he was pretty cool and tried to pull on his teeth. Da Boo suddenly got very shy, like most people do when in the presence of a celebrity. She later was asking me some questions about why a bunny is delivering chicken eggs, where he gets the eggs and if he makes all the candy. Some tough questions to answer! I distracted her with chocolate.


Amanda said...

Jessie.....I have enjoyed hearing about your Easter....which by the way turned out a lot better than ours! I think Easter has a curse on our little Family.....2 years in a row it has been horrible. I will post about it on my blog. And your weather looks A TON warmer than ours....we had snow flurries on Saturday (it was more like Christmas!

Jessica G. said...

The weather was beautiful! It got chilly later in the day but the morning was ver nice. We've had our share of lousy weather on Easter, though, so this was nice.

Debi said...

Your kids are so cute! I loved your Easter post.

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