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Thursday, April 19, 2007


Yesterday, I took the kids to a Bug Party. I have a friend who should quit her job as a neonatal nurse and start a party-planning business because she throws the coolest parties! Her daughter and da Boo play together a lot so we were invited to the Bug Party. Everyone had to get in character:

Then, it was a tea party! Since the participants were mostly girls, the Boy felt a little out of place. But once food was brought out, he started paying attention.

The kids were having a great time! The food was wonderful: cute little sandwiches and even sugar cubes. The Boy finally started getting into the party mood. (It was his birthday, afterall...)

At the end, the kids were given bug-collecting kits. Da Boo has been anxious to use hers. It's a little hard to find bugs when it is snowing. Yes, you read that right...it snowed yesterday. I am a getting worried about the BBQ we have planned for Saturday. There are 7 families coming, with two parents and 2 kids each. What am I going to do with that many people in my house? Any suggestions?


Kristie said...

Oh no!!! I hope that the snow stops!!! It has been so darn cold here in KY that I am freezing!! I love the bug party pictures. That is such a cute idea. I wish I had some ideas for you if it stays cold, but I am afraid that I don't sorry!! Just pray for warmer weather!!!! :)

Amanda said...

Well...it's warm here!!!!! Having to use our a/c already! Of course that is b/c our upstairs heats up so darn fast! At least you guys haven't had to mow your lawn every weekend already!!!!!!!!!!!!

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