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Monday, January 23, 2012

Animated Animosity

The other morning Baby had a funny look on her face. When I asked her what was wrong, she replied by throwing up. So she spent the day on the couch with her favorite blanket, watching cartoons, which means I was right there with her. Here are a few observations:
  • There are far too many kids' shows featuring pigs. What is it with pigs? They look weird, are smelly, aren't at all cuddly, and it's just odd to have them walking on two legs, with their knees all backwards and such. I think the cartoon executives ought to learn from the Germans and feature a loaf of bread instead.

  • The opinion I formed of Dora the Explorer years ago still holds with child #3.

  • While watching said "unsupervised child," my daughter was completely focused on helping Dora reach her destination. Toward the end of the show when it came time to climb a ladder, Baby was asked to put her hands out in front of her and help Dora climb. Baby didn't miss a beat and replied in a very stern voice "You're a big girl now, Dora. and big girls need to try all by yourself before I help you." Gee, maybe I've been saying that a lot lately or something.

  • Why is it that some cartoon characters can spend the entire show running around buck nekkid, but when it's time to go swimming, they put on swimming suits? Really, what's the point by then?

  • When I mention that I don't like Max & Ruby, other parents usually concur, stating how Ruby is just soooo bossy. But it's not Ruby; it's Max. Ruby isn't exactly mean about her instructions. Heck, their parents are nowhere to be seen (probably eaten by a wolf) so she's just doing the best she can. And Max constantly disobeys. And when he disobeys? It ends up being the right thing to do! Anyone with an annoyingly perfect little brother knows what I mean.

  • I have to remember that these shows are geared toward the preschool age-range, so I won't over-think the plots. For instance, if the three clues in Steve's handy dandy notebook are a mat, a twirling thingy, and a leotard, then don't assume that Blue wants to be Olympic gymnast. That stream of thinking is way too high level for a show that features salt and paper shakers that gave birth to paprika.
After an afternoon as a captive audience, I have to say that cartoons might have actually raised my IQ. Hey, I learned how to say "jump" in Spanish, the life stages of a caterpillar and the effects on bug friendships, and how easily a koala bear's feelings can get hurt by ants. Much more productive than cleaning a house that gets torn up every afternoon anyway.


Kristina P. said...

I don't really do cartoons. It's because I lack heart and whimsy. Real pigs aren't that cuddly, but cartoon pigs are rather cute.

Beth said...

Hahaha! That's fantastic, thanks. Don't worry, the older-kid cartoons are much more fun, and tend to be geared a little bit toward adults as well. I hope she feels better soon!

Nat said...

BWAHAHAHAHA!! I love it! :)

Jessica said...

Thank you for enlightening me- this was the most productive thing I've done all day.
PS- Animosity is one of those words I just CAN'T say. My tongue gets all twisted up and makes me look silly.

Christine Rains said...

My son was the other week and I spent a few days in the same position as you, pondering children's shows. I over-think them too and I add in my own adult imaginings to give the stories more depth. Oh, the soap opera that is The Wiggles in my world!

elesa said...

Yep, sometimes, even when you are not sick, spending the afternoon watching TV instead of cleaning is just the thing to make a girl feel better. I've been doing it for 2 weeks straight and I feel great!

Mary said...

The boys have been addicted to Blue's Clues. It wouldn't bother me so much except Cooper is picking up Steve's dance moves...It's going to take me years to fix that!

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