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Friday, January 6, 2012

Whistle While You Work

Admitting to my defects and faults is not an easy thing to do. Not because I embarrass easily but because I simply don't have many of them. In an effort to relate to those less awesome than myself, I will share one with you here.

I had a great childhood. Sure, there's enough interesting material to fill a therapist's notebook, but really? It was great! Lots of fond memories, inside jokes, and blackmail against my siblings. I never really thought about what was lacking or what opportunities I missed out on during those years. It wasn't until my young son, in his innocence, asked me for assistance and I discovered that I just could not help.

"Mom? Can you teach me how to whistle?"

No, I couldn't. Because I never learned how to whistle.

The sound of whistling was highly annoying to my mother. Therefore, it wasn't allowed in the house. I was far too busy running around outside, using hangers as make-believe bows shooting invisible arrows, to really notice that something was missing, that a core skill would be left vacant as I moved into my teen years. Of course, as a female, it wasn't necessary to master the ability to issue a recognizable "wolf whistle" on demand. So I was still ignorant.

It wasn't until I was an adult, placed in a leadership role where I was tasked with conducting large gatherings that I realized my skills in getting everyone's attention were lacking. I had to rely on others to supply that musically ear-splitting breath.

And still…I can't manage to whistle even the slightest tune. Every now and then, I get tones that don't sound like I'm slowly choking to death and I have to pretend like I'm not surprised. I can touch my tongue to my nose, roll it into a taco shape, unwrap a Starburst in my mouth, and I even used to be able to tie cherry stems into knots. But whistling? Nope. Can't do it.

It's a very good thing that my dog just needs to hear her name to come running back home. Or I don't live in New York and have to summon a taxi. Or that I don't need a ride from the legendary Shadowfax, Lord of the Horses*. Other than that, I will continue living my whistle-free life. I can only hope that my children don't suffer the same fate.

* - If you got that one, award yourself, 20 geek points!


Just SO said...

Woo Hoo 20 geek points!

I used to be able to whistle really loudly but not so much anymore. I can whistle a happy tune if called upon though :) Interesting that your mom couldn't stand it.

Kristie said...

So funny!! :) Barth learned after he had graduated from high school. I love to whistle and can do those nice loud ones. Never knew you couldn't whistle though! :)

Miss Angie said...

Whistling is hard! Even though I can technically do it, I suck at it!

Janell said...

I've never figured out how to whistle. I also can't roll my Rs to save my life.

Nat said...

Sweet! 20 geek points to me! :)
I never knew you couldn't whistle.

Emily said...

My grandpa and dad always whistle. It's a normal thing to do in our family.

Mary said...

That is one of the ONLY things I can do that the hubby can't...even though he thinks he can :o)

Jessica said...

Not real great at that skill either!

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