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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Product Review: Kangaroo Bottle

A little while back, cgets.com* asked me if I'd like to try a couple of their products. I'm not going to turn down free stuff! They didn't want some big advertising post or anything in return. But if I felt so inclined, then perhaps I would link to them in my sidebar. Here's one of the items they sent me:

Kangaroo Water Bottle with Storage
Pretty spiffy, eh? Nearly my entire Zumba class has oogled** mine at one point, wanting to know where I got such a cool bottle. (Never mind that I've usually passed out from overexertion and must be revived before they can ask…)

The bottle itself is nifty. With 24 ounces, it holds more than the bottle I used previously and the water stays nice and cool, which is great when I'm completely over-heating. Also, there's a flip-top lid over the spout when you're not using it. When it's up, though, the bottle won't spill if it gets tipped over. Considering how weak my reflexes are after a considerable amount of shaking my groove thing, that's a great feature. Instead of attempting a screw-cap lid, all I do is squeeze a large button and the life-giving water flows freely. The lid also sports a clasp, so I can clip it to my gym bag, if needed. I tried clipping it to Baby's belt loop (at her request, I promise) but the bottle was longer than her legs so it didn't exactly improve our trip into the gym.

But the really awesome feature about this bottle is the storage built in. Open the little compartment and I've got enough room for my gym membership card, the prepaid gym daycare punchcard, and my key fob so I'm not lugging in a huge wad of keys. It doesn't, however, fit my Blackberry. My previous phone fits just fine, so if you have a smaller phone then it might work for you. Instead, I just leave my phone in the car so I'm not interrupted while getting in touch with my inner Latin Dancer, which is a difficult process given the complications of my how much inners there are to me and my obvious Whiteness.

Right now, the bottles are on sale and a pretty good price. Also? Check out their ice cube tray collection. Some seriously cute ones there!

* I did receive the product free of charge but all opinions and reviews are mine. In fact, they'd probably rather I didn't link my review to them because, let's face it - I'm a big dork.

** No, I did not misspell ogled. When they check out my kangaroo bottle, the first thing they usually say is "Oooo!" so I thought it fitting to re-spell "ogled" to suit. Hence, "oogled."


Odie Langley said...

I had seen that bottle on Pinterest and thought it would be cool to have one with storage capacity. My grandson would love the Batman ice cube tray.

Karen Peterson said...

I saw these bottles recently and fell in love. I totally want one.

Jillybean said...

Do you realize that one of those things would hold TWO ENTIRE CANS OF DIET DR PEPPER?!?!!!

Could you fit a cupcake or a brownie in thestorage compartment?

Jessica G. said...

A brownie? Nope. No brownie worth the name would fit in the slender compartment. However, a few pieces of almond roca fit rather nicely.

Jessica G. said...

And I just went back to the website to check on the bottles (because a friend's birthday is coming up…) and it appears that they are no longer carrying them! So sad!

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