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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Can't Decide If This Is A Bad Thing..

My refrigerator broke.

I'm not sure what's wrong but the ice melted and it's not exactly cold inside anymore. Really, I can't complain too loudly because this is the first problem we've had with a major appliance since we moved in here eight years ago.

This happened on a Friday afternoon. I thought the freezer was the only thing affected (because of the huge puddle of melted ice collecting in front of the doors) so I started moving everything out and into the deep freeze. The popsicles were a loss but I managed to save the ice cream! Then I noticed that the level of chill in the other portion wasn't giving me goosebumps when I reached for my hidden stash of chocolate behind the unidentifiable leftovers. By the time I admitted defeat and called a repairman, it was too late to save my weekend. Have to wait until Monday.

Oh darn…gotta eat out all weekend. Donuts for breakfast until it gets fixed!

Unfortunately, I had just gone to the grocery store so the fridge is pretty full right now. I took out the stuff we use a lot (like milk and chocolate pudding) and put them in a big cooler packed with ice. Then I filled a couple pitchers with more ice and put those in the fridge, just trying to keep the rest of the stuff edible until the thing is repaired. As a security measure, I wrapped masking tape around the door handles. Sure, the kids could probably still get into the fridge if they were really determined.

Any other suggestions on how to help keep more of the food inside?


Popcorn House said...

AT least you saved the ICE CREAM! What a mess. One time my deep freezer got UNPLUGGED. I didn't know what to do with the huge mess, so I plugged it back in waited a day and then threw the solid gross food away. Luckily there wasn't too much in there. Good luck trying to keep the food edible till Monday.

Jessica G. said...

And? I am totally craving cool foods…was supposed to make a dessert and of course it was one that required the refrigerator. I'd just make a cake but I'm not sure at what point the eggs become suspect.

Debi said...

Be careful...those pichers of ice won't stay frozen all that long....

Nat said...

Why don't you put it in a Rubbermaid tub with a lid and stick it outside or in the garage? It's cold enough isn't it?

Jessica said...

Call a neighbor and ask to use their fridge!

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