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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Noble Cow Prizes

Do you know who won the most recent Nobel Peace Prizes? No? Me, neither. And why is that? Why don't we know who got a big ol' check and spiffy award for doing something astounding? It's probably because here in the real world, knowing about the wonders of cosmic microwave background radiation doesn't really help us get dinner on the table any faster. So let's give out some real prizes! We shall call them the Noble Cow Prizes because I can't think of a better name.

Noble Cow Prize for Peace - Whoever invented Midol. Try and convince me that this fine product has not brought many, many moments of peace to all.

Noble Cow Prize for Literature - Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott , the writers of the Baby Blues comic strip. It doesn't fail to make me smile, if not flat-out laugh. I think they deserve a prize.

Noble Cow Prize for Physics - Judson Laipply. Anyone who can do all these moves surely knows a whole lot about physics.

Noble Cow Prize for Economics - I think the prize should go to this guy because he really understands the value of money.

Nobel Cow Prize for Chemistry -My husband. Do I really need to state the reasons? They'll make you blush.

Noble Cow Prize for Medicine - I don't know...but it certainly won't be the doctor's who's grand advice for my out-of-socket-very-painful shoulder problems was - and I quote - "Just use your arm less."

So there you have it! Anyone have someone who needs a Prize?


Kristie said...

I loved your prizes!! I especially loved reading the story on the Secret Santa!!! What an awesome story!!

Amanda said...

Jessie you still have that same odd wonderful sense of humor.....oh wait...I am sure your sense of humor is normal, and mine is the odd one! You should check out the blog http://pioneerwoman.typepad.com/
it is a "famous" blog...if you will...I enjoy it and I think you would too:)

Jessica G. said...

Amanda, are you saying that *I* am not famous? I will have you know that *dozens* of people can vaguely remember my name! Famous, hah!
(and I did like the blog, thanks for sharing!)

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