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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Average, ordinary post...with LOTS of pictures.

I've decided trying to sleep in is a lost cause. It not going to happen. I need to accept my fate and just get out of bed. Couldn't have a better alarm clock, though. When the Boy is ready to get out of bed, he sings what we call the "Mama Song." It's basically him saying Mama in various manners and frequencies. It's actually kinda cute...until he's been singing it for too long and then it starts to take on a decidedly irritated tone. Some days, I'd consider putting him in a big kid bed if it meant I get a few more minutes of snooze time. Other days, I decide that would be terrible considering what I discovered when I got out of the shower the other day. The Boy had decided to redecorate the toy room...

Today was a bright sunny day. The snow and ice that's been hanging around since before Christmas is finally melting away. So I did what every mother wishes she could do on such a day: I sent the kids OUTSIDE! Ahhhh, blessed fresh air! And no couch cushions to be strew across the floor.

And since I forgot to post earlier, here is our Valentine's dinner! Note to self: make more jello molds next year or again face the Boy's dramatic disappointment when he discovers it's all gone.


Amanda said...

AHHHH! That picture does not do your Jello Molds Justice! They should have been on a white plate! YOu are Martha Stewart in my book! I can't believe your kiddos are so BIG!!!!

Kristie said...

I love the pictures!! It is so fun to play outside on a sunny day!! I love the heart shapped dinner. I ususally make a cookie sheet of Jello jiggler jello and then cut out hearts for Valentines!! It is so much fun!! Keep the pictures coming!! I love it!

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