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Friday, February 23, 2007

The Boy is Sick

That is one clever title, eh? Well, the boy is sick. He's had a cold off and on for the last month (thank you, LDS nursery!). Today it's pretty gross...and I mean bad, his cold is bad. Very much reminds me of the comedy bit by Bill Cosby where he refers to his sick, snot-crusted child as the Glazed Donut Monster. In fact, THAT is what my title should be! Oh well...

So when the kiddos are sick, they need a LOT more attention. They go from High Maintenance to Super Ultra High Maintenance (Now with more WHINE). And I'm totally a sucker for it. When one - or both, as is frequently the case - gets sick, all I wanna do is cuddle with them, give them any comfort I can think of and hope they get better soon. One thing they always ask for (even when not sick) is to lay on my bed. So I tucked in the Sicky Boy in with his meme (that's Boy-speak for his blanket), his Bee Baby, my old teddy bear, a book and a kiss on the forehead. What more could he possible want? A truck, apparently. What good is sick-vegging without a little four-wheel drive? So I brought him a truck.

Ever the consciencious big sister, da Boo had her own way of helping him feel better.

She put her shoes on him. Since he first located his mouth as an infant, the Boy has loved shoes. That sentence doesn't quite make sense, does it? It should probably read "Since he first located his mouth as an infant, the Boy has loved eating shoes." See here. Shoes are still very much an important part of his diet. (And if you are wondering why da Boo is not wearing her glasses, it's because they are broken but that is a WHOLE other post.)

Since the Boy is sick and medicated, I've decided to do a little experiment. I am going to pick up some toys (shocking, I know) and see if the house stays cleaner with him out of action. I have my suspicions about the results...


Kristie said...

I hope that he feels better soon!! Weston is sick too!! He has a high fever and is just feeling yucky!! It is no fun when kids are sick.

Amanda said...

Your children are adorable:) I love all the stuff in the bed with him.....makes perfect sense that he needs all that to rest! LOL! Please oh, please get rid of the word verification that we have to type before we can post.....I am too lazy for that!

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