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Friday, February 16, 2007

I Can't Watch The News Anymore

Seriously, I just can't watch the news. It makes me cry. And not just once, where I get a little teary eyed at a particularly well-done piece. We're talking full-on sobs and a handful of tissues. Ask Q, he'll roll his eyes and tell you all about it.
On Monday a 18 year old - just a KID - went to a popular shopping mall in Salt Lake City and opened fire. He began shooting the minute he stepped out of his car in the parking lot. His next victims were in a card store (I could make a joke here about waiting until the last minute to get Valentine's, but humor is not the point). In total, he killed five people, including a 15 year old girl, with several others seriously wounded. Each of his victims had a life, had a whole story. One woman he killed was there to meet her husband. They had been married for four years but when they wed, they couldn't afford the rings. He called her and asked her to meet him at the mall so they could get real wedding rings. I had to leave the room when the reporter was interviewing him. Another night, the newscaster talked about a phone interview with one of the four SWAT members that ended the shooter's rampage. This man, who wanted to remain anonymous, said that he didn't feel like a hero, that he didn't want accolades for shooting someone. That got me, too. A hero is someone who doesn't do what they do for the glory, but for the good of others. Who knows how many lives were saved because these men acted.
Then there are the good stories that send me looking for a tissue, like the man in New York, who, without a moment's hesitation, jumped onto a subway track and saved a stranger's life. The teen he saved was not his son, not his friend, not even his ethnicity. Those factors did not stop him. I couldn't even watch David Letterman's interview with this man.
Whether good or so very bad, I can't watch the news. I can't watch the worst and the best of people without crying, without feeling. When the night comes that I can sit through a broadcast without so much as a sniffle, then that is when I really need to worry.

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Kristie said...

I can't watch the news either and so I don't!! I just rely on Barth to let me know if something big is going on in the world since he is a big news fan!! It works quite nicely for me that way!! :)

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