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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Move over, geese! Here come the cows!

Afternoon, folks!
Well, I've been told by many people that I should have a blog. So I was goofing off on the computer (like usual during the kids' naps) and I decided, why not? I like talking about me. In fact, me is my favorite topic. And some things happen that are just too good to keep to my journal and a few long-winded phone messages.
Today is Valentine's Day! The man and I decided that we would not exchange gifts. Instead, we are giving each other a list of 10 things we love about the other person. I had to narrow my list down to 10. I mean, have you met my husband? He is pretty perfect! Well, he is NOW. I've had to work on him a little but I am pleased with the results. And I am pretty sure he broke the "no gifts" rule which is another reason why I love him!
Also, for dinner, we are having a Heart-Shaped meal. I tried this last year and it was pretty fun. We had heart meatloaf and heart biscuits. I tried to make heart carrots slices but to be honest, they looked more like a carrot Pac-Man. So this year we are going for heart pizza, heart pears, heart jello (if I can get them out of the mold, that is), and of course, a heart dessert. I will try and get pictures.
This morning I went with da Boo to preschool. Thought I ought to brush up on my alphabet. Oh, and they were having a party. And I had offered to make a cake (because I ALWAYS offer to make a cake - "Oh, your sewer line just broke? That's too bad, but I have a really great idea for a cake! We could use chocolate pudding and tootsie rolls..."). Here's a picture (of the preschool cake! Not the sewer one, silly!):

Just so ya know, I didn't decorate the cookies...


Heather said...

Abbie pointed her cookie out to me on the cake. Excellent work ladies. Now the geese, thing...is that about me and my blog? if so, so clever, so very clever...are we going to link?

Kristie said...

Yea Jessie!!!! I am so glad that you have a blog now too! That way I can keep connected with your life!! I love the cake. It looks perfect!!

Debi Whitley said...

Hi Jess--Am I approved by the blog author? I hope so! I got a chuckle out of both of your blogs. I can see you still are full of that bouncy humor! Are you going to post pictures of your kids? I haven't seen any pictures in ages~~

Amanda said...

YEAH--A new blog to read!!!!!!!!! I wish you lived near me so you could make me a cake!!!!! That looks so YUMMY! And pretty...but not too pretty to eat!

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