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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fruits of Forgiveness

The topic for today's Sacrament talks: Forgiveness. The speakers had some good points (at least from what I heard between dispensing of Teddy Grahams and Time Outs). So it got me thinking...is there anyone I should forgive? Is there a grudge that I cherish too much to part with? The answers to both questions: Yes!
So I am going to offer my forgiveness twice. And if you aren't on the list, then send me chocolate and perhaps you'll make it next Sunday.

1) I forgive da Boo's preschool friend who asked me when my baby was due. My response - after my initial instinct to run weeping and wailing to the farthest corner of the playground - was a gentle "I'm not having a baby, sweety. I'm just fat." She's just a kid! And as such, still has the possibility of finding herself in the exact same dress size one day (I so believe in karma).

2) I forgive the banana. Well, not all bananas, just one. The one that I was eating in the backyard that fateful day...the one with it's tiny black seeds oh-so carefully arranged in a frowny face. That banana permanently turned me off to the yellow-skinned evil for years. Until today.
Today, in honor of the banana's new status of "Forgiven," I made a banana cake. For Christmas, one of the man's co-workers gave us a loaf of banana bread. Now, I've never had anything against banana bread. It never gave me a dirty look. This particular banana bread was beyond tasty. I got the recipe. Okay, so I made the man do all the gross stuff, like touching and peeling the bananas, mashing and mixing them, but I did the rest (and da Boo helped by stirring a bowl of flour for 10 minutes). Had to make it acceptable by adding a quick chocolate glaze but it was very good. I even ate a piece.

But I'm still not eating a full banana. Not even one dipped in chocolate.


Amanda said...

YOur too funny! I have always been "allergic" to bananas! I wish I liked them.....I really do! I do like Banana Bread though...but I think that is the ONLY banana thing I like.

Heather said...

You heard anything in sacrament meeting? The people in front of you were the worst...You must be able to read lips. Those 2 bratty kids and the mom and dad that just kept talking the whole time...How did you put up with it?!

Kristie said...

Banana bread is so yummy!!! I must say that we eat bananas like they are going out of style here!! Brian and Aaron both eat them for at least Breakfast and Lunch everyday!! :)

Jessica G. said...

Heather - It's my own fault, really. I picked the seats behind that family. See, they are really cool and fun to hang out with but I am pretty much a dork so I try to sit next to the mom whenever I can, hoping some of her coolness will rub off. And her little girls are sooooooo cute!

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