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Monday, February 26, 2007

Date Night!

I have a calendar of chocolate quotes that I've had for years (thanks, Kelly!). It sits on my desk. Very inspiring. This quote is from Feb 15th but it's one of my favorites:
"All men are created equal. But some men get the last peanut butter cup in the dish."

I actually got a date this weekend! Nevermind that I had to plan and plot the whole thing, still had a date! We went with another couple to dinner at Fazoli's (where a local high school debate team was eating after a tournament...brought back some fond memories). Then we saw Music and Lyrics. It was really funny! LOVED the 80s songs and especially the music video! Highly recommend it. Before the date, when I decided that I needed one and recruited our friends to come with us, I explained to the man that I needed wooing. So periodically, I look at him and say "Woo." He would then hold my hand or do something else romantic. It was the nice evening that I so needed after the last few days dealing with overly sensitive kiddos. He definately gets the last peanut butter cup.


Kristie said...

Yea for dates!!! Since my calling is now in the YW, I think that I have been on more dates in the last 6 months than I had the whole entire year before that!!! In our house the way it goes is that I get the sitter and Barth plans the date!!! (I do think I have the easier part though!!) I am glad you had a fun time!!

Amanda said...

YEAH for you:) I had to crack up at the part you said "woo" and then Q would do something! That sounds so like you!!!!!

Lyn said...

I can't remember the last Date that Mark and I had BY OURSELVES!!!
We have to take the kid with us, because she is not allowed to be alone, because of somethings she has done....KIDS! So we have to wait until Summer, and Christmas Breaks to be able to have 1 on 1 time. I personally hate that, but what can ya do. I could have done with a LOT of wooing today, since it is our 6th anniversary! Instead we took a literal NAP!

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