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Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Love My Mailman

Some people jokingly suggest that since Baby doesn't look that much like her siblings, then perhaps she is the result of an illicit love affair between me and the local postal carrier*. After thanking them for questioning my fidelity, I usually punch them in the face. Just kidding. I'm not the violent sort. I just make sure to spit in a batch of brownies I baked for them.

But I really do love my mailman. He frequently brings packages to my door instead of leaving them at the bank of mailboxes. So when I got TWO packages yesterday, it was like my birthday week all over again (except without the poo and sobbing).

Why am I getting packages, you might be asking? And I'm asking why am I not getting packages from you, eh? You think this sort of blogging brilliance comes without a price?

But I digress. Periodically, I get the strange urge to contact strangers, reveal personal experiences and preferences. So I join a swap. Usually, I join more than one because I am slightly masochistic like that. It was time for Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap, which I adore. I also signed up for an UnBirthday Swap hosted by Miya. It was a LOT of fun filling it all out! So yesterday, I received packages from BOTH of my swap partners! HOORAY!

First up, the UnBirthday presents:

My partner was Goh Wei Wei, who lives in Singapore. Look at all the cute stuff! The brown tote bag in the back folds down into that little strawberry at the bottom. She sent stuff for Boo, Baby and the Boy. They were in heaven (except for Baby; she was asleep). But my favorite part of it?

A Cow pencil sharpener! At the bottom it says "Themselves happy, they made the other happy, too." Love it!

And not to be out-done, Carebear from Not Quite a Fairytale sent a treasure trove of awesomeness.

It's hard to narrow down a favorite from this one but I'd go with the Nutty Bars. Not only did I crave them ceaselessly during my pregnancy with Baby, but Carebear's note reads: "I have to eat them outside then wash my hands and brush my teeth because hubby is allergic to peanuts, but I love these too much to give them up completely." She and I could totally be BFFs.

*Our mailman is blonde so Baby's brown hair doesn't come from him! Are you going to suggest that perhaps it was the milkman next?


Amy said...

Great swapping fun!

Kristina P. said...

Holy crap! You scored!

Jan the crazy lady said...

Your mailman is way better than mine. I will swap Jessica :)

Tipi said...

baby's brown hair comes from the gorgeous aunt she is doom...er...destined to take after.
Hey I got one like you so it's only fair! :P

may have to get up my courage and do a swap.

Kelli said...

I did the mamarazzi's swap too and it was so fun! Maybe you'll be my partner for the next one! We are moving to Lehi in 2 weeks so maybe we'll see eachother!

Mamarazzi said...

awesome...two swaps so close together you are a nut! lol...or maybe you are just smart...get all the shopping and shipping done at once and wait for the goodness to arrive! SUHWEEEET!!

Ya know, these swaps are a LOT of work, but I love when people receive their packages and love what they get. Just knowing that over 100 women all over the United States are receiving packages of awesomeness this week thrills me!! Not to mention the bloggy friendships that are forming, it’s just way too cool!

I am deciding between a Red, White & Blue Swap or another Favorite Things Swap for the end of June…did you vote? There is a poll on my sidebar

Carebear said...

So glad you liked it. I LOVED mine (did you get my giddy email?!)! Thank you so much for all the great things! And one of my new FAVORITES is your blog - you're just so funny girl!

Me said...

Okay..I am totally hopping on the next swap train that goes by! Looks like too much fun!!!

MiMi said...

Wow!! You got some awesome stuff! My husband has actually been to Singapore and brought back so cool stuff for me and the boys.
That second package looks like it should be in my house! : )

Anonymous said...
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Emma said...

Maybe it was your cable guy. j/k Sounds like it is time to do a swap on your blog. That would be very fun!

Jessica G. said...

Emma - we have satellite. ;)

And I was thinking about hosting a swap, even got some tips from Mamarazzi on how to make is go smoothly...more on this later!

Carebear said...

Me again! Hi. I posted about your favorite things if you want to check it out! I love that we both sent one another peanut butter & Chocolate treats, plus scrapbook supplies. Great minds think alike, eh?!

Nat said...

Awesome swap! Where do you find those?

I could have had an affair with the milk man. I accidentally showed him my bra. Hmmm... I think you just inspired my next blog post!

Kelly said...

Neat stuff and I thinkg the baby looks like the boo.

If you do a swap, I'm all for it.

Jo said...

Whoo hoo, lookie at your great stuff!

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