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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Bad

Alternate Titles: "And here's where I lose followers..." or "Strip Search now instituted at home"

Actually, it's the Man's bad but I am willing to accept the blame. Remember how I told the sob story about my camera battery dying in Key West and the subsequent purchase of a cheap underwater camera? Then I made glowing promises about getting that film developed for your viewing pleasure? Yeah, well...funny story.

So the other night, I was talking to the Man on the phone - because he may or may not be on business in Las Vegas and I mentioned the film and possibilities for getting it developed. We discuss the seductive evils of cheap Wal-mart pricing when I realize something: I've unpacked all the luggage and I don't have the film. The Man was the one that transported it home in his trusty backpack. Such a trusty backpack, in fact, that he never leaves home without it.

The Man has the film. In Las Vegas.

So no pictures for a little bit longer...I know, I totally suck. I already lost one follower this week and I would completely understand if the rest of you left in droves.

(And seriously, like getting comments wasn't addictive enough, now Blogger wants us to form our own little Internet cliches by tracking "followers?" But if you promise to stay following my blog, I promise not to abuse my power over you by making you drink grape kool-aid.


SO said...

Man! I want pictures!!! But I will be patient.

Me said...

I promise..I will follow. Please..anything but the grape kool-aid. I loathe GRAPE anything!

Jo said...

I refuse to jump on the follower wagon. I follow no one. However, I am a very loyal reader and you can count on that! Sorry your man stole your camera. Don't threaten to strip search him, my hubby would take that as a promise and then he would never end up leaving!

Kristina P. said...

I'm with Jo. I'm anti-follower.

Hope you get them back soon!

Melanie J said...

I like grape Kool-aid.

Mary said...

Grape Koolaid - that's harsh punishment for impatience! I'll keep waiting!

Jessica said...

What are you talking about? You are totally worth the wait. In fact, I am even going to go against my personal anti-following rule just to prove my love. (I'll send you my address later for my cupcakes.)

Tipi said...

I don't wait well
and I sure don't follow well!


oh look! a shiny!

Emma said...

I actually like grape kool aid, so you are stuck with me!

Jillybean said...

I'm with Jo and Kristina, I don't follow anyone.
I will point out that you have one more follower than I do.

You win.

p.s. Don't they have places to develop film in Las Vegas? I mean if the man was in Las Vegas, (and I'm not saying if he is or isn't) he could probably find a place to get them developed, have them put on a disk then email them to you.

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