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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Can't Buy Me Love

So...I'm kinda in charge of a party. It's a daunting task, with the participants having high expectations and not being the easiest bunch to please. There's an intense time frame that I have to work in, not to mention the fact that I really need to find some additional bodies to help me.

It's the Valentine's Day party for Boo's second grade class.

The teacher would like me to have different stations, with at least one adult per station. One station should allow the kids to pass out their valentines, another to make some sort of snack. The rest of the details are left to me.

I need your help! What are some really good games/tasks/treats that your kids/neighbor's kids/cousin's sister's brother's kids have done in the past? Ideas, please!

Here's what I have so far, with the kids divided into five groups of six kids, with about eight minutes per station:
  1. Group gets to deliver cards to their classmates. Not sure this is going to fill the allotted time...any suggestions for filler?
  2. Valentine Bingo. Everyone gets conversation hearts to use as markers.
  3. Some sort of treat...I'm thinking sugar cookies because those are easy, decorated with candies that I'll ask the parents to send to class. One of the kids has a pretty intense set of allergies so not sure what to do here.
  4. A craft. The kids will have their valentine boxes made before the party. I'm thinking I'll get some pompoms, pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, and have them make warm fuzzies. That's kinda lame. I'm sure someone has a better idea.
  5. Another game. I don't know what yet. Yikes!
Any suggestions, links, or detailed descriptions are most welcome! (And helping me might just get you a couple extra entries into my next giveaway...)


Kristie said...

In some of the past parties that I have done, I have gone to the dollar store for craft type things. You know the sets where they sell the frames, people, etc. Kids love them. For games you could do musical hearts- like musical chairs, but with hearts on the ground. Also, you could do something like pin the heart on the person, pin the arrow on cupid. Something like that. You are so creative I am sure that you will come up with something good. :) I always just go for variations on the same old tried and true games that kids like. You could also have them make Valentines for Mom and/or Dad. Have fun with that party!!!!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Okay, I'm watching carefully because I'm in charge of the 1st grade party. :)

Cheryl said...

Here are a few things I have done for valentines parties
1- Valentine station, by the time each child does it, it takes a lot more time then you think. If they got done early have them do a word find, word search valentines thing.
2- I had them make a valentines bug. I rolled up a piece of paper for the body and cut out hearts for the wings. Pipe cleaners and google eyes. I got glue dots for them to use. You could also cut out the hearts and then stick a piece of stick candy, (I can't remember the name of the things and use that for the body, wrap pipe cleaners for antenna and they can color it.
3- Cookies are my stample for this holiday. I have the parents bring them and sprinkles. Paper plates to decorate them on and of course napkins. Depending on your teacher we just did water, she didn't want anything else.
4- Bingo game. I have mine somewhere down here if you want it. This is usually the holdiay I do that on too. One other one is cutting out hearts and having them blow them over a line with straws.
5- Allergy kids. I have had to deal with that too. Find out what there favorite candy is and just fill them up with that. I try and get something they like, but its to hard to do a whole party with what they like, so I just bring something special for them.
Hope this helps :)

Debi said...

For treats at the Valentine's Day party I used to take Heart shaped knox blox (cut with cookie cutters in the shape of hearts). That was always one of the favorite treats because it was different. If a child has an allergy and can't have a cookie, maybe they could decorate the knox blox heart with frosting. Most people aren't allergic to sugar.

Jessica G. said...

Debi - I really like the knox blox idea but unfortunately, the school district has a policy about treats and they all have to be store-bought. I've gotten away with cupcakes because I'm a cake decorator. Don't think they would allow me to bring in homemade jello, though.

Lindsey said...

I am trying to think of what some of the parents did for Valentine's parties in my fourth grade class . . . . Oh, I know . . .

1. Stacking hearts-For this game the object was to see who could stack conversation hearts the highest. There was prize for the winner of each group.

2. Hearts in a bucket-Using chopsticks it was a race to see who could get the most conversation hearts into their bucket.

Those 2 games stand out the most. I remember the kids went crazy for them.

For filler activities the kids love to be read to. You could bring some Valentine's Day picture books to read to them.

As for the kid with allergies, I would ask the teacher what treats the kid can have and/or ask for the kid's parent's email address or phone number. You could contact him/her ask specifically what they can have. Oh, and with the treats keep in mind that the district policy is all food has to be store bought.

Also, with the time issue one thing people always forget about is transition time. You said you have 8 minutes down for each group, make sure to plan about 1 minute to a minute and a half for the kids to switch between groups. It always takes the kids a bit of time to stand up, move to the next station, and then calm down enough to get the instructions/started on the next activity. So each group will actually take a little longer than 8 minutes.

Man, I wish I could remember more of the activities and crafts my room-moms did. Hey, have you seen the website "One Charming Party"? They have some great ideas. Here's the link: http://onecharmingparty.com/

Man, this post is long (sorry!). I hope some of that helps. Good luck!!!!

Tipi said...

It may be a lame suggestion but try the oriental trading company, they have some cute craft kits you can get ideas from.

Anonymous said...

I think you have a bunch of great ideas! My son's class just made their own trail mix for a 90 day project, maybe you could do a valentine themed one. They used marshmallows, M&M's, pretzels, cereals, popcorn, goldfish, and gummy bears.

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