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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Reason #683

The doorbell rang at 10 am. I waited for the clunk of the package hitting the porch and the speedy exit of the delivery truck. Nothing. That meant someone was standing on the front porch. Problem. I didn't have to glance down to notice I was still wearing pajamas, hadn't fixed my hair, (wasn't wearing a female restraining device), and no make-up. Sighing wouldn't be any help, since it would just reveal my lack of tooth care thus far.

Trudging in my bare feet to the door, I wondered which of my friends had forgotten that I am not a morning person. Was someone attempting to catch me at my worst? What if it was someone with a giant check and a camera crew? Gulp.

"Mrs. G?" he asked.
"Yes?" I was hiding behind the door and probably freaking him out with my death breath.
"These are for you."

And he handed me this:

See those long stems? Those are my favorite flowers, gladiolus. And daisies just make me happy. Even the vase is cool! You might call it a lovely bouquet but I call it Reason #683 why I love my husband.


Kristie said...

Ooooo.....gorgeous!!! You are one lucky lady!!! :)

Janell said...

So pretty!

Just SO said...

Awww!! He is a sweetheart.

Bonnie the Boss said...

SO dang sweet!! What were they for?

Debi said...

You definitely picked the right husband....but he is just as fortunate to have picked you!

Nat said...

Ooooh! Pretty!

Emma said...

Beautiful flowers. I bought myself flowers at Walmart today. I love having fresh flowers on my table. I also hate it when my door bell rings and I am not wearing a female restraining device. Mornings, blah.

Cheryl said...

He's a keeper! Major husband points!

Mary said...

Aren't flowers from the hubby the BEST!! You so deserve them!

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