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Monday, February 7, 2011

Top Ten Reasons Why It Rocks When Your Husband Is Out Of Town

Here's the second part of my "Top Ten" posts. Also a repost. Because I'm lazy and unimaginative.

Have to end this on a positive note, right?

  1. Makeup, fixing my hair and clothes other than pajamas are optional. Bras, too.
  2. The Man is not here to demand home cooking or dinners with nutritional value. Chocolate pudding is perfectly acceptable for lunch.
  3. I don't have to watch any of "his" shows. The remote is all mine. Goodbye college sports; hello Doctor Who!
  4. I don't have to share the blankets. And his pillow becomes community property.
  5. Dishes only have to be done when we're using forks to eat our ice cream.
  6. Costa Vida takes over my evening meals for me. I never get tired of their salads!
  7. I can adjust the thermostat to whatever I want. He likes it at 68. I like higher. I win.
  8. Casual get-togethers with friends go from "just for fun" status, to "absolutely necessary for my sanity" and therefore, make getting a babysitter a priority.
  9. I don't feel guilty about updating my status on Facebook every couple of minutes after the kids go to bed because there isn't anyone waiting for me on the couch.
  10. There's no one that can prove that I've eaten the rest of the brownies. The only other people in the house either can't count that high or aren't tall enough to see that there's a pan on the counter.
What is your favorite thing about having your hubby out of town?


Jillybean said...

Now I want chocolate pudding for lunch, but there isn't any in the house, so I will either need to change out of my pajamas and into regular clothes to go to the store and buy some, or do without.
It sounds like perhaps you need a girls lunch out?

Erin said...

Like, like, like!

My favorite part is eating ice cream while catching up on my tv shows and Netflix movies I want to watch.

Mamarazzi said...

hands down cereal for dinner. hands down!

Mary said...

I agree with everyone else...eating cereal three meals a day is awesome :o) If it wasn't for the hubs, I'd eat the same thing for months on end...just do to laziness!

Brooke said...

Hahaha love it! My favorite thing has to be watching whatever I want on TV and turning up he thermostat baby!

Sami said...

I loved this post so much, I can't even verbalize it!
My favorite was the one about the dishes.
I would be lying if I said that I only had that philosophy when my husband was out of town, though...

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