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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Learning Process

Well, it's over. My seventh year of insanity has ended.

Here are a few things I've learned along the road to writing 50,000 words:
  • My husband's noise-canceling headphones are uber awesome for when I need to focus. I dedicate this win to them. Unfortunately, the Man won't let me wear them during the day.
  • I cannot spell "restaurant" correctly the first time through. (Including just now...even when I was thinking about it.) What did writers do before spell check and whiteout?
  • Planning a Christmas party for 300 people is not fun when I've got a word count to meet. Then again, it's not all that fun at any other time, either. I just hope we don't run out of food. Or that I make children cry. Again.
  • My kids are perfectly fine eating cold cereal for three meals a day. But I have to make sure at least one of those is a high-fiber brand.
  • Usually when writing, my muse comes in the form of an iTunes mix and copious amounts of hot chocolate. This year, my only muse was Gerard Butler in Phantom of the Opera. This is possible the only reason I'm sad to see the month end.
Now that I'm not spending most of my day writing or researching so I can write more, maybe now I can get around to doing the laundry, come up with some meaningful blog posts, and reconnect with my neglected kiddos. Or I could just put on the Man's headphones and have Gerry Butler sing to me until the kids are in college.


Kristie said...

Glad to hear you survived another year!! :) After you are done with your laundry you could come on over and work on mine......

Mary said...

Oh how I LOVE Gerard Butler (which was why I didn't at all fight the hubby on seeing 300...or was it the tons of super buff guys in leather speedos?)

Planning an event of any size is stressful...and after doing a few myself, I've come to the conclusion that some will love it, some will hate it (and feel the need to tell you) people won't show that said they would, and something will go completely wrong. So, I say screw it...what happens happens and hopefully you have a funny story to tell later (and lesson to learn)!

Annette Lyon said...

You won!!! That's all the counts!

(And you beat my word count . . .)

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