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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

To Card or Not to Card

It's the big Christmas Card debate. Really, I'm just debating with myself so it's not much of an argument...more like some whining and getting distracted by chocolate.

I love getting Christmas cards! Love 'em. Even the ones with the "aren't we so much better than you" family letters. And let's be honest, it's not that hard to better than me - you just have to eat less cake. My favorites are the ones with pictures of families that are growing up far away.

Last year, I didn't send cards at all. None. Not even to my parents. The year before, I got a cute bundle of cuddliness during the holiday season so I sent out Christmas cards in the form of a baby announcement. In the years previous to that, I sent handmade cards to around 50 people. Handmade, people. With all sorts of adorable accents and ribbons. By the time I was done with those I'd spent far too much money and even more time. This year, I have found the solution: Shutterfly Christmas Cards. Custom cards using pictures from the photo shoot this summer and I am good to go!

The problem now is trying to decide which one I like best.

First, I started with Sharing the Love.

I like that I can include a little bit of the family letter without having to wax poetic. And the colors are great, too. The hard part is deciding which text box should go with which picture.

I love the red and I get to showcase my kiddos' little faces. It was really hard to narrow down my choices. There are several similar formats like this one, in different colors and accents.

And then there was Gifted Tag Christmas.

So simple and so elegant. I have to say that I'm leaning toward this one. Certainly makes my job a lot easier.

Might just have to take that same photo shoot and make it into a calendar. I'm already obsessed with talking about myself, now I can look at pictures of me (oh, and the kids...maybe) all year long. And while I'm at it, I can finish off some hard-to-shop people on my list with a photo book or personalized mug. I can be like some of the mega bloggers and give mugs with my logo and picture as the prize in my next giveaway. You'll just have to promise me that you won't drink Pero out of it...that stuff is nasty.

Are you sending Christmas cards?
Which of these three formats do you like the best?

* I was given 50 free holiday cards by Shutterfly for this post. I picked out the cards and the split modifiers.
*Are you a blogger and interested in participating in this promotion? Go here to get more information.


Mary said...

I had great intentions to do Christmas cards, but lacked the funds, and we have NO family pictures! I'm hoping to get them done for the boys 1st birthday.

I like the last card!

Christine said...

Your homemade cards are super cute. I saved the ones that I received. I only stamped a few Christmas cards this year (and I actually found the ones I bought on sale last year before Christmas this time around).
My vote? If you want to make it simple with the last photo, do the last one. The others are nice because they have more photo spaces, but if you have one photo you love, the last one will work great.

Cheryl said...

I was actually thinking about sending cards out this year right before I read this! Great minds think a like :) I have to admit I think we have only sent out cards once the whole time we have been married. I wanted to do some this year, since we have new family pictures, but with money, well its not going to happen. I think the top one is really cute, you can add some comments to it. I always like to know what people are up too. The last one is cute and easy too!

Debi said...

I usually do send some cards. I think you should send one of those free cards you got to ME! :) Merry Christmas ~~ I love your family!

Brooke said...

Yes, we are doing cards this year (if I can get them out), and I like card #3 the best, just nice and simple...but I also like #1 too.

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