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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Two Cool

Baby is very naughty. Despite my constant warnings, rules, and flat-out begging, she went and turned two years old. The kids wanted to do something very special for her birthday...

Remember our roller coaster?

It's been sitting in the basement ever since the Boy got a little too rowdy. Well, the kids haven't forgotten about their favorite indoor toy. They started pestering me about bringing the thing back out this summer. I suggested it might make a great gift for Baby, since we got it when Boo turned two. They readily agreed. I expected them to forget. They didn't. I told them they had to bring the coaster upstairs all by themselves. They did.

Dang it.

Here's the Boy teaching Baby how to push off by herself.

And here's Baby finding other methods of entertaining herself.

I think we might be in trouble.

Happy Birthday, Baby!!


Kristina P. said...

She is already two?!?! When did this happen?!?

rocslinger said...

You actually let your kids have fun?

What kind of mother are you? ;]

Kristie said...

I can't believe that she is already 2!!! Happy Birthday Baby!! That looks like sooo much fun!

Amanda said...


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