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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Open Letters Because I'm Feeling The Need to Emote

Dear Local Radio Station,

I am a faithful listener and have been for some time. Your station is currently number two on my car's settings, wedged between a slightly more modern station and talk radio, literally between rock and a hard place.

However, I do have a complaint: the Christmas carols that have taken over the airwaves since last week. I am not emotionally ready for the Christmas music. As much as I love hearing Michael McClean's Forgotten Carols and Mannheim Steamroller's Christmas, I'd rather not just yet. I am still mourning the loss of my beloved Halloween decorations (especially that spider by my front door that drops down and completely freaks out visitors...oh, the joys of seeing them duck and scream upon entry to my home). It's just...too soon.

Please forgive my absence. Know that I will return once we're done with the turkey and I'm in need of spiritual support to face the mall crowds when shopping.

Yours...but not until December,
Jessica G.


Oh, how I love you! You are the reason I look forward to autumn every year. (Well, you and Halloween.) There's nothing more thrilling than watching my word count climb and my characters come to life. It's fun creating new ways to torture and break the hearts of the otherwise innocent figments of my imagination. I've immersed myself in your literary madness for the past six years and have jumped in with keyboard blazing again this year.

But it's Week Two, my precious NaNoWriMo. And Week Two is when the plot holes start to gape, characters fall flat, and I end up feeling like a talentless hack whose time is better spent hiding in my closet, chewing on my hair, then attempting to write a novel.

And? The grocery story is out of Diet Pepsi with Vanilla. How am I supposed to tap into my muse without the proper caffeinated libations? If it weren't for all the leftover Halloween candy, I'd be ready to toss my laptop in the kids' bedroom, where it would be assimilated by the mass of toys, clothes, and lost socks until we start spring cleaning.

Yours but please remind me the difference between "effect" and "affect" before I go mad,
Jessica G.


Me (aka Danielle) said...

It is MUCH too early for Christmas music!

Wonder Woman said...

Last week I was completely confused when I heard Christmas music flipping through the stations. I heard some a bit by mistake yesterday and thought, "At least wait till it starts snowing!" But I don't have that excuse any longer. I'm not ready for it yet, either.

Also: affect is a verb. Effect is a noun. I remember it by thinking of the alphabet. "a" and "v" are on the outside, "e" and "n" are on the inside.

Just SO said...

My husband I went out to lunch last week and I did a double take when they started piping Christmas Carols over the sound system. It's too early. Too, too early.

Good luck with your NaNoWriMo. I'm not a writer so it's not for me but good luck!

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