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Friday, November 5, 2010

Happiness Comes in a Box

In a lapse of better judgement, I signed up for three swaps during the month of October, including the one that I hosted. The post office staff got to know Baby pretty well during my many visits. But the upside of that was getting three packages in the mail!

First, Mind Games hosted a Halloween swap for kids. Boo and Boy had a great time planning what we would include for our partners at Family of the Vine. And Uno, Dos, and Tres certainly didn't disappoint us!

Amazing! Most items came in threes, so the kids each got one.
  • Halloween Cut-Outs
  • Pumpkin Carving kits
  • Pumpkin bags
  • Halloween tablecloth
  • Frankenstein's Monster bucket
  • Mini cookie cutters (you know how I love those tiny cutters!)
  • Green Halloween cups
  • Ceramic pumpkins
  • Spider notepad
  • Harvest-themed foam craft supplies
  • Halloween napkins
  • Witch's Brew dishtowel
  • Noisemakers in pumkin and bats shapes (umm...had to hide those after the first day, sorry!)
  • Halloween cupcake liners (woot!)
  • An assortment of plastic bugs, spiders, and skeletons
The kids had a definite favorite: homemade Halloween playdoh.

These are their creations: spooky Halloween rides for the skeletons to enjoy. Thank you, mamagames, for hosting a fun swap. And thanks to Vallimasoos for being such a great swap partner!

Next up, ATLYankeeBelle hosted a Halloween swap and I was partnered with the fabulous Kate from Southern Belle Simple.

First, I have to explain. I took a picture of all the goodies when they first arrived but, while preparing for the kids' costume parade and freeing up space on my memory card, I accidentally deleted it. When I realized my mistake, I rounded up everything I could get my hands on and took another picture. I know I am missing the bag of PB Twix bars (because I ate 'em). There seems to be other items that I can't remember...but I will say this was a cool package and a really fun swap!
  • Candy corn tealight
  • Big bag o' goodies
  • Pumpkin dip bowl with spreader spoon and Italian dip mix
  • Halloween cookie cutters
  • Halloween-themed erasers
  • Gel pens (also not pictured because I was already using them)
To see what I sent Kate, visit her here. Thanks, AtlYankeeBelle, for putting it together and Kate, for being a cool partner (and sharing our dorkiness).

This got me thinking about my next swap. I had a great time getting the kids involved with the Halloween package so I thought I might do a kid-themed swap, where your kids not only have a say in what goes in the box but are also the end recipients. What do you think?

Would you participate in a kid-themed* swap?

* I initially wrote "kid swap" but that has completely different connotations and I ain't never giving Baby up. The other two, however, are open for discussion.


Kristina P. said...

Well, since I hate children, probably not.

But you made out like a bandit!

Tipi said...

We have a swap pal in Denmark...we put little packages together and she send us return ones... The lids really love it! It gets them thinking about what other people would like and it lets them share what they like. And best of all we got to try all kinds of Denmark candy!

so yeah, WE would be up for a kids themed swap!

I don't think different ages would even be a problem, cuz it would get the kids thinking harder!

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