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Saturday, October 30, 2010

True Colors Swap Results (Updated with Pictures)

Hey, sorry about my absence. My computer that has access to my camera hasn't been connecting to the internet all week, so no pictures going up. However, I did get my fabulous package from kibbygirl for the True Colors Swap! She's from Canada so I was expecting bacon, a Mountie hat, and maybe a goose or a hockey puck. Instead, I got a box of awesomeness. But I can't post a picture yet so you'll just have to use your imaginations until my computer genius of a husband finishes watching college football and figures out what went wrong with my hookup.

Can you tell my favorite color?

There was so much in this box, I hope I don't forget anything:
  • Dishtowel with flower details
  • Martha Grimes book about the publishing industry (goes with the whole "wannabe writer" thing as well as my bookworm-ness.)
  • Polka dot picture frame
  • Glass perfume bottle (Love this!)
  • Handmade journal (I'm about three pages away from needing a new one so perfect timing.)
  • Small bag (Very cute!)
  • Coasters (Almost too pretty to use...now I have to teach my kids what "coasters" are.)
  • Box of Japanese art-inspired notecards (Just lovely!)
  • 3 decorative flowers (Thinking I'm gonna attach these to a headband.)
  • Pretzel M&Ms (Blue and chocolate? She read my mind.)
  • Fuzzy socks (With the chilly weather setting, these are great for those nights when the Man isn't around to warm my feet on his legs.)
  • Napkins (I guess we'll have to stop using paper towels...we're getting fancy around here!)
  • Crafted box full of handmade tags (Gorgeous! She has all different styles and occasions, all with blue. This girl is so talented!)
But here's my favorite thing:

It's tiny; only about a inch. Found it in the bottom of the box after I took the picture of everything else. I need to find a good place for this so I can see it daily. It makes me smile.

Let's share the goodness! If you participated in my swap, please use the Mr Linky below to connect us to your post about the package (please link directly to that post and not your main page). It's fun to see what everyone else received as well as getting ideas for the next time around.

I also have pictures from two Halloween swaps I did (because I am a crazy person) to show you! Betcha can't wait, eh?


Me (aka Danielle) said...

Thanks Jessica for hosting this swap! I had fun (as I knew I would) and can't wait to see what everyone else got!

kibbygirl said...

I am so glad you liked it .. I really did have a ball with this swap, Thanks so much for hosting it. :)

Joy said...

Tanks for hosting this swap! It was a great first swap!

kibbygirl said...

I got your package yesterday and wow!! I really, really loved it. I have my post up already and everything!

Me (aka Danielle) said...

I'm bummed, where is everyone elses swap post?

Jessica G. said...

Danielle - I know! I've contacted all the participants and this is what I got in response. I guess some people just don't like to brag. Next time, I gonna be a little more strict about this aspect.

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