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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bake Dancing

Once again, I'm gonna talk about swaps. Sorry, but an addict feels the need to dwell on their obsession at all times. Lucky for me, I have a blog.

I joined the Moveable Feast Swap, where the package was to be food-themed. Oh, this was going to be fun! My partner was A.J. from iKnit.iPurl. She amazingly crafty and posts beautiful embroidery along with her knitted projects. I got to know A.J. a little bit through email and thoroughly loved getting her package together. So when my package arrived in the mail, I couldn't wait to rip it open.

Where to begin...
Pumpkin Spice Bread Mix - Looks soooo good!
Harvest Cupcake Liners - To add to my abundant collection of cupcake liners. I like cupcakes.
Candy Melts - Always handy when designing cakes.
Heart Cupcake Liners - Did she see my Valentine's Day madness? These are perfect!
Handmade Blue Hot Pads - Already in use! Gorgeous!
Vanilla Beans - Ooooo...I feel a creme brulee coming on!
Cupcake Decor - Boo swiped this as soon as I took it out of the box. Stinker.
cupcakes! Cookbook - And I already made a recipe (and wiped drool from the pages). The picture turned out weird but trust me when I say the caramel-covered tea cakes are addictive.

Thank you, thank you, A.J.!

And in honor of my birthday - because everyone should be celebrating it - I will be hosting my first swap. Now tell me how excited you are! (Oh come on...you can fake enthusiasm pretty easy in a 2-D comment.)


Kristina P. said...

That is like a baker's dream!

LaDawn said...

I seem to remember you promising to make me some cupcakes....

Jessica said...

Looks so great! I might just participate in a swap if you host. I love seeing what you get but too chicken to try it.

Mary said...

Even though part of my mystique is bucking the norm, if you host a swap I will participate...I might even like it :o)

Brooke said...

I'm excited to participate in my first swap!

Stacy Q said...

I've been thinking about you and the funk you were in a couple of days ago... I realized one of my coping mechanisms is to try and do something (like fold that huge pile of clothes) or get involved with something else, and not to think about the funk, because it just gets overwhelming. Boy, that sounds pitiful.

I hope the beautiful roses from your hubby helped?

Amy said...

Ooh! I want to participate in your swap!

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