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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hostile Relations with China

My parents were out to visit us recently. We don't get to see them enough so it was a lot of fun. My mom helped Boo make one of those ridiculously difficult wooden puzzles and my dad helped me with a few projects around the house. The Boy did most of his bonding while watching movies. But Baby had a completely different experience: she met my parents' dog, China.

China is a really good dog. Very sweet and gentle, only asking that we never cease in petting her or telling her what a good dog she is. But the thing about China is that she is a Rottweiler. And thanks to any movie that features someone sneaking into a junk yard or other locale that requires late night protection but can't afford a security guard, Rottweilers have gotten a bad rap. It's not her fault that she can take down a running punk with her powerful build, or that her razor-sharp teeth are perfect for hauling delinquents off of chain-link fences.

Now, Baby didn't know all these stereotypes (because her precious little brain is only to be fried by Baby Einstein or VeggieTales). What she did know was that suddenly, there was a very large animal in the room...an animal that would, on occasion, look at Baby. Of course, Baby's reaction was to immediately do this:

Climb up Grampa (at an amazing speed, no less) and wrap herself securely around his head.

While Grampa didn't mind protecting little Baby from Big Bad Doggie, the child had to get used to seeing China every day. Screaming fits of panic and terror are only acceptable coming from me. We worked with Baby. Boo and Boy happily pet China, played with her, and even laid on her (while Baby watched from atop the tallest person in the room). Eventually, Baby stopped the screaming, then the tears, then the scaling of people.

Finally, on the second to last day of my parents' month-long visit, a miracle occurred: Baby willingly touched China. China, sensing a change in the area around her lower back, turned her head to take a look...and Baby went screaming for the nearest head.

Oh, well. Maybe next trip.


Kristie said...

That is funny! And WHEN did baby get so BIG looking?!! :) I bet you had a nice visit with your parents.

Amanda said...

Baby is ADORABLE and getting so big! You never post enough pictures of her.....I sweat I thought...that can't be baby?!

Emma said...

She is so cute holding onto her Gramps. Yes I agree more pictures of your kids. Hopefully she over comes her fear. Great story.

MommyJ said...

I have a nephew who is TERRIFIED of dogs, of all sizes. My little puggle is the most nonthreatening dog ever, and he still runs and screams and hides. When I kept him and his brothers for a few days, we sort of had a baptism by fire approach. We left the kid, and the dog in the same room with no escape. It took about ten minutes for the screaming to stop. By the end of the weekend he would touch the dog, as long as he was sitting on your lap while doing so. So funny how some kids don't even flinch around animals, and others are terrified!

hairyshoefairy said...

My little ones are terrified of dogs. Or any animal, really. Occasionally I can get them to touch my in-laws dog but as soon as it turns it's head to look they freak and run away screaming. The pic of Baby clinging to her grandpa's head is so very familiar to me. Too funny.

Mary said...

I think the only reason the boys aren't scared of my dog is b/c he is pretty much the same size they are. Glad she finally got up enough courage to touch the doggy!

Chris said...

Your baby is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Debi said...

I love the pictures of the kids, especially with some of my favorite people, gramps and grandma. :)

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