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Friday, May 23, 2008

Product Review: Sesame Street Fizzy Tub Colors

Anyone else tired of the bath time wrestling matches? Anyone else have a child that willingly plunges themselves into the nearest outdoor puddle or plays in the sink until everything within six feet is drenched but then shrieks in terror at the mere mention of a bath? Yeah. I was kinda sick of it, too.

Me, I love baths! When we bought this house, the one thing that I was adamant about was that the Master Bath have a jacuzzi tub. I have spent many a relaxing moment in that tub with music, candles and a mug of hot chocolate. It's exactly what I need when stressed out, at the end of my rope, dealing with a painful situation or all of the above. And the jets are loud enough to drown out the pitiful wailing of neglected kids as the lay crying outside the bathroom door.

My children have not inherited this love of the tub. Da Boo doesn't mind baths. She likes them more now that I let her wash herself and told her she could pretend to be a mermaid, but they are not her favorite thing. But the Boy...well, the Boy we refer to as "the Kraken." For good reason. The Man usually has to give the Boy his bath, seeing as how he has two working arms and can better contend with a slippery escapee.

Then my long-lost good buddy, Kate, posted about something new on her blog: Sesame Street Fizzy Tub Colors. Her kids were even more afraid of the tub but would jump right in when there were funky colors. I wanted to try that! On my last grocery store trip, I found them! They were on the shelf with the other kid-themed bath washes and such. Couldn't wait for bath night!

The Boy got to choose first, since he's the first one in the water. They come in blue, red and yellow. He wanted yellow.

Ewwww...it was a little disconcerting, that yellow color in my bath tub...Da Boo chose the red tablet (it looked purple in tablet form and took some convincing before she believed me).

This is the tablet when I first dropped it in.

About a minute later...

...and after the tablet was fully dissolved, which didn't take very long at all and kept my kids completely enthralled the whole time. It actually looks like a pretty pinkish-orange.

The kids loved having the colored water! There is a warning on the container that it might irritate eyes but they did not seem to have a problem, happily splashing like mad. It did, however, turn the white washcloth a slightly pink color. I expect it to come out in the wash as the color is very subtle.

Like I said, I got this at the grocery store, paid less than $3 for 24 tablets. Kids loved it and it really calmed down the whole bath/wrestling situation. So mission accomplished! Highly recommend, especially if you have a little one afraid of the tub.

If you try this, let me know what you think!


Jan said...

It looks sort of like a crime scene out of Phsyco. Looks fun even for grown ups.. Got to do anything that works right Jessica.

Kenney Crew said...

Have to admit the yellow doesn't look too good by itself, but mixed with the red it looks pretty cool. My older boys might not think it's that cool with sesame street on the container, but we could turn it into a fun science project for the boys over the summer....How long do you think it will take to turn the bathtub red?...What happens when you add a purple tablet to the water?...Will your skin turn red if you bathe in it? Oh, and while you are in there, get behind your ears! :)

Heather said...

My question is it a pain to clean off after?

Jessica G. said...

Heather - Nope! Rinsed right out. Nary a mark (well...not any that weren't already there...).

Jill said...


I can't help but wonder if this product could somehow be used to encourage a toddler to use the potty.

Bonnie said...

My kids have loved these. The only problem we have is they tend to dump the whole thing in at once. Then they have black water. Not so nice.

C2Hizzy said...

I wonder if they work for dogs afraid of the tub. She thinks she's human sooo maybe :)

Jo said...

That looked like someone lost control of their bladder right before they got stabbed.
But as long as the kids like um, then who am I to complain??

Kristie said...

Looks like fun!! I will have to wait to try this one I think until I have a kid who doesn't love bath time! My kids want to bathe all the time. They think it is like swimming or something I think! :)

Janell said...

I agree with Jo's assessment of the tub But if it gets the gets to bathe, by all means, let them bathe in what ought to cordoned off for CSI.

Katie said...

Jessica--you can get 100 tablets for $6 and change if you find the bigger tub at wal-mart.

I know, the yellow pee, the red blood, can be weird. But red alone is pinkish. You can't beat blue. And, two blues with a red makes a sweet purple. You'd swear you were swimming in grape jell-o.

Caroline said...

I can't wait to try these! My kids have a love/hate relationship with the bathtub and this could be exactly what we need. Thanks Jessica!

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