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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

FHE: How Does Your Garden Grow?

The weather over the weekend was simply beautiful! The kids took advantage of good scooter/bike weather to get in a few laps around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, today, things turned stormy, with a fairly decent thunderstorm hitting while we were in the library. But Monday was gorgeous.

The landscaping crews have been out, getting the yards ready for spring. As part of the process, they've turned the sprinklers back on. So there we are, moms chatting on a back porch, kids running through the grass or riding bikes when BAM! The sprinklers go on! We chuckle a little and step back. But then I see da Boo...she's in the center of the grassy area, completely trapped by sprinklers everywhere she looks. She's terrified, frozen to the spot, so our shouted directions for her escape go unheeded. I did what any good mom would do: I laughed at her. And then I ran through the sprinklers and helped her get out of there. At least I wasn't wearing white...not Memorial Day yet.

Family Home Evening was pretty laid back that night.

Opening Song: Everyone say it with me now...Twinkle Little Star.

Opening Prayer: Da Boo volunteers.

Lesson: We headed out to the back and got down in the dirt. In an attempt to actually get our gardens going this year, we were weeding and pulling out grass. Well, the Man and I were doing that. The kids were harassing a poor worm, spider and a slug they found while playing in the dirt. While I was half tempted to show them what happens when you pour salt on a slug, I resisted. Da Boo probably would have burst into tears. I'll show the Boy when he's a little older.

We stayed outside until it started getting dark. I ushered the kids indoor, where we washed hands and then got a treat.

Treat: Mighty Minis. They are these cute popsicle I found recently. It's your basic popsicle flavors in different forms but they're only about two inches long. Quick enough for small kids to eat so you don't get multi-colored drips all over the floor. They are also my major bribing factor right now. Any special task is rewarded with one of these little guys. They're pretty tasty, although I think they all kinda smell funny.


Emily said...

Want to have real fun with them?
Show them how to eat dandelion leaves!
The girls and I spent the other day gathering wild asparagus and dandelions leaves.
I slipped the dandelions in the salad and we laughed at the boys after dinner when we told them what we had tricked them into eating!
Then I made a mushroom and dandelion calzone!
Can you just imagine The Boo's reaction to it? Or The Man's?
they are seriously good though.

Emma said...

I think all artifically flavored popsicles taste funny. Michael's 17 year old sister will freak out over fruity smelling candy or gum. Her younger siblings torture her by eating them near her. She will literally cry! Funny girl. Sprinkler story was funny!

Amanda said...

P loves to tell me all the time that IF we are stuff outside in a survival in the woods we could eat Dandelion leaves.....he brings this up all the time:) Emily' comment made me think of it:) I love their hair cuts---the boys is TOO CUTE! That is so weird how you have a house but landscapers do your whole neighbor hood....do they mow all your lawns...trim your trees??? Can you plant trees and bushes YOU want???

Kristie said...

Sounds like my kind of neighborhood....having someone else do all the hard work of taking care of and watering the lawn!!!!! Then we could play all weekend long! :)

BkenneyBme said...

Mmmm. That mighty mini sounds good. Maybe next time I could request a picture of your awesome creation? I am having a hard time picturing it--my brains creativity turned off 4 1/2 years ago.

North Dakota Ward's said...

It is just now getting warm enough to plant something. We are going to plant some tomatoes in paint buckets :-)

Jill said...

You do realize, that years from now, your poor daughter will be telling her therapist "And there I was, surrounded by water, crying for my mother, and off in the distance I could hear my mother laughing at me.........."

Good job starting the garden! I'm so impressed.
Yesterday I announced to my children that they would be responsible for planting and caring for a garden this year.
They were thrilled;0)

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