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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mr Hyde's Potatoes

Normally, I makes great potatoes. They are a pivotal player in every good meal I've served. My favorite is the browned potatoes that are slow-roasted in the oven with the Sunday roast. I get all drooly just thinking about them. So normally, my potatoes rock. Tonight was not normal.

I waited until the last minute to make dinner, realized that my menus ran out a few days ago and therefore had nothing planned. Since the Man is just returned (YIPPEEEE!!) from his loooong business trip, he was not at all in the mood for takeout. Fine. I usually cook most nights anyway.

So we had grilled chicken, corn and garlic potatoes. I used real potatoes, mashed 'em up good (by hand, thank you very much) with butter, sour cream, seasonings and garlic. Normally (apparently I like this word today) I use dehydrated garlic but my mother has introduced me to jarred garlic. It's in the produce section: little glass jars of minced garlic. It's great! And it's very powerful. I just bought a new jar and they didn't have my usual brand. Now I'm just making excuses...Anyway, I added the normal amount of garlic and commenced with the mixing. I thought it was a little...uh, fragrant but since getting sick, smells aren't really my thing. So I served it up, thinking I'd made another lovely potato side dish.

The Man took one bite and nearly gagged. Turns out, they were more like "garlic with a hint of potatoes" than the usual garlic potatoes. Not so tasty. Da Boo didn't like them, either. The Boy was happily eating his PB sandwich and didn't care. I could only handle one bite. Ugh!

Note to self: highly fragrant garlic means very, very powerful flavor.

Shows how much the Man loves me. He had taken a big heaping helping (because NORMALLY my potatoes rock) and managed to eat half of them. He's my hero.

Also? Today was the Boy's birthday party. Still recovering...post to come (and a cake!).

Speaking of the Boy...the kids went to bed an hour ago but that doesn't mean they are asleep...In fact, I was just frantically summoned to the Boy's room with pleas of help, saying he has a basket stuck on his head...this ought to be good...

What dishes have you ruined just in time for dinner?
What crazy things have your kids done when they were supposed to be asleep?


Jill said...

Sure, the old "I have a basket stuck on my head" routine.

I hope you take pictures:0)

Can't wait to see the cake!

Lindy said...

That's funny--I had a dinner disaster this week too. I was making some fried rice and figured I could just throw in all sorts of leftovers from the fridge. Turns out most of the stuff was fit for the garbage disposal instead, and so that's where the dinner ended up too. Sandwiches anyone?

Kelly said...

I love the minced garlic in the little jars too, it's a life saver some times. I've let meat/chicken burn before on the grill trying to get the veggies done inside, not that I get a lot of help.
Lately I will hear Kyla talking to her stuffed animals or telling them a story a good 45 minutes after I put her to bed. Some times I hear...momma...Momma...MOMMA. But I don't dare go in, I know it's a trap. Sneaky child of mine.

Debi said...

Around 9 years ago one of Michael's missionary companions from South Africa (he was South African) came to America. Michael was a young married man (no kids yet)and he had told us all about this old companion many times. I invited Michael, Heather, and the old South African companion for dinner. I made my most special dish, creamy tacos. It was in a glass baking pan, sitting on the table. We were all ready for the prayer. It was a little hot, so I opened the window and turned on the attic fan (to suck the cool air in from outside). A stream of cold air blowing over the hot dish caused the glass dish to suddenly explode, and glass flew everywhere! The South African guest was so startled that he yelled at the top of his lungs, "OUCH!" Melissa (being a little girl) jumped up from the table immediately and cut her foot on a big piece of glass, she was screaming and craying and blood was dripping everywhere! This comment does not do the whole thing justice....

BkenneyBme said...

I saved the left over turkey from Thanksgiving, shredded for a future meal. About 2 months later, that meal came. Turkey crockpotted in gravey all afternoon over noodles, sounds soooo good. I have no clue what happened, but it was AWEFUL! I made myself a PB&J. Allen finished it, but said it wasn't very good. For the human garbage disposal, that says A LOT.

Lyn's Musings said...

Oh wow Jess....You are Hysterical!

Garlic with a hint of Potatoes, Mark would have LOVED them..he LOVES Garlic....that is why we don't have a vampire problem, he would eat enough for all of us!

How did Da Boy get a Basket stuck on his head....

Nat said...

Hmmm...Last summer, we had a garden and discovered homemade french fries with home-grown potatoes. So yummy! One day, I was making these french fries, and I had asked my sweet hubby for help grilling the burgers. He and three of our dudes were weeding the garden, and he couldn't help. So, I was making the french fries, a salad, grilling the burgers, and bouncing an extremely fussy three-month old at the same time. I'm not going to get into the whole long painful story...the night just ended with my kids scattered between neighbor's houses, an insurance claim on our house, a trip to the ER, and a husband with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his right hand and parts of his face. His hair was singed really bad, and not just on his head. It was a mess. So, I'd take your nasty garlicy potatoes over that anyday!

Oh, and my kids are really good at NOT going to bed. They always crack us up with what they were doing when they actually fell asleep. Last night I found my oldest reading the Ensign; not the Friend! He was completely immersed in a story! I thought that was neat. Anyway, sorry for the long comment!

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