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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Showing My Love Through Carbs

And here I go, posting my Valentine's Day dinner. Again.
Actually, I started this blog six years ago on Valentine's Day. Here's my very first post. Oh, the naivety…

So carrying on with tradition, I made the heart-shaped dinner. And I tried really hard to come up with something that wasn't pizza, but just couldn't get away from the Italian influences. (And I stayed up 'til the wee hours the night before finishing the kids' valentines because there are child labor laws. Didn't get to some of the details. Sorry!)

Main Course: Lasagna

Regular recipe for lasagna, then I used a cookie cutter to make hearts on the top layer of pasta. Easy!

Sides: Garlic bread and Pears 

Usually, I soak the pears overnight in grenadine, which gives them a fantastic color and flavor. Totally forgot about that until about a hour before dinner. Garlic bread was cut with a heart-shaped sandwich cutter before being schmeared and toasted. And there was a salad because I try to eat healthier, but it wasn't heart-ish at all.

Drink: Raspberry Soda with Creamy Ice Cubes 

Since I usually use colored cubes and clear soda, I thought I'd switch it up this year. The ice cubes are made using Horchata, which doesn't actually have any dairy in it, but tastes so creamy. Really nice blend of flavors. Just wish the ice cubes didn't melt so fast.

Dessert: Danish Dessert

I had this at a dinner party years ago and loved the flavor and texture. The conversation hearts were the kind that you write yourself so I had a little fun with personalizing each person's dessert. And it was pretty tasty! But definitely needed more chocolate.

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day?


Beth W said...

Horchata ice cubes...that's brilliant! :D
You really bent over backward getting an adorable themed dinner. Everything looks great!

Nat said...

Super fun! This is how I celebrated Valentine's Day:


Then finished it off at my sweet cousin's viewing. :( So sorry to hear about Aunt Denise. {{{hugs}}}

Mary said...

I really need to start making the hubby read your blog, since he does the cooking ;o) Super cute, as always! I love that you incorporate the whole family on Valentine's Day!

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