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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cookin' Mama (but not the game)

I try to cook. I view it like being a doctor, in that every meal is really practice. Some are great. Some are  have us all brushing our teeth and gargling lemon juice just to get the taste out of our mouths.

Wanting to provide a decent dinner one Sunday, I planned to make pork tenderloin in my slow cooker. Mmmm…pork…

Sorry. Got distracted. And drooly.

So I got out my trusty slow cooker and move to set it on the counter. But I dropped it. Did you know the lids on those things are made out of the same stuff as windshield glass? Because they shatter the same way. (Probably shouldn't ask me about how I know about the windshield, though.)

Now I don't have a slow cooker. And being the *ahem* expert that I am, I have no idea how to cook this thing without my slow cooker. After I finished my panic attack(s), I ended up borrowing my neighbor's slow cooker. Crisis averted.

But I had just purchased a slow cooker cookbook. Sure, it seems like 95% of the recipes are for different versions of beef stew, but I still planned to get my money's worth. So I got me a bright, shiny, new slow cooker.

Ain't she purdy?
Now I have a new slow cooker. And a spiffy cookbook. 
But what if I don't want beef stew?

What is your favorite slow cooker recipe?


Janell said...

Slow cookers make me happy. My 2.5 qt slow cooker just went caput after 10 years, so I cut a deal with my husband to replace my defective "medium" slower cooker and my 6 qt "large" slow cooker with a fancy, "programmable" 3.5 qt slow cooker.

And, yes, I just learned about those lids shattering into a million shards. I was letting Little Hands play with my 1.5-qt crock pot. I was watching him bang the lid and thought, "I'll take that away from him just as soon as..." CRASH! A million shards. Baby only suffered a small scratch on his foot.

My favorite slow cooker recipes:
I've wondered about some of moving some of my slow simmering Indian dishes into the crock pot, ditto to spaghetti sauce
Chipolte-style beef burittos
"bbq" pork sandwiches
french dip sandwiches
white chili

Popcorn House said...

I just bought the same crock pot when ours stopped heating up. Imagine my surprise when I come home at five o'clock hoping to find a beautiful meal waiting for us. Instead I had frozen chicken :o( PIZZA NIGHT! But the new crock pot is so nice!

becca said...

i can't live without my slow cooker

Jillybean said...

Without our slow cooker, my family would starve. (or eat cereal for every meal)
I sincerely hope you have discovered the slow cooker liners, they have changed my life.

Kristie said...

Loved your post!! :) If you get some good recipes, pass them on to me!! I'm always looking for some good new recipes!!!

Christine said...

Here's a blog that is all about slow cooking and she has a cookbook, too.



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