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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pinterest Saves Valentine's Day

I have to limit my time on Pinterest. I get way too many ideas about what my kids should be eating, things I could be sewing, rooms to be painting, and weight loss plans to be following. Then I spend the rest of my time agonizing over the little details and never actually get anything done. Which results in blaming Pinterest for my shortcomings. But recently, Pinterest saved my hide.

Valentine's Day kinda snuck up on me. On Monday, I was completely unprepared. My kids needed Valentines for classmates, boxes for receiving their bounty, and I had a special dinner to plan. I finally got my act together on Tuesday. Wednesday was a mad flurry of gathering supplies, printing, cutting, taping, gluing, blowing on burnt fingers from all that hot glue, and keeping Baby away from the candy. I also found the guts to teach my seven-year-old how to spray paint…

All of the resulting Valentines were found via Pinterest:

Gnomes for Boo's class. These were glued in pairs onto cards that said "Hanging with my Gnomies," Gnome Sweet Gnome" or "Gnome is where the heart is."

Originally, the Boy wanted to make pet rocks. Then I showed him these and he was sold:

Added bonus? I already had the glow sticks so this was super cheap!

Baby's was easy. Since preschoolers can't read, having her write her name on each one didn't make much sense. This way, every kid knew exactly who the card was from:

(I cut off the portion with her real name.)

Da Boo refurbished a monster box from last year (thank goodness) and the Boy was set on this one:

It was actually rather easy! But here's a tip for ya: when the weather outside is freezing, spray paint doesn't dry.


Angie G said...

Those are awesome, I love it!

Jessica said...

Pinterest also saved me this year! :)

Jessica G. said...

arlee - you must have missed the fact that I include links to the pins and, therefor, to their creators' original posts. But thanks for your concern.

Jessica G. said...

Seriously people? What part of "THESE ARE MY PICTURES" do you not understand?

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