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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wringing the Bell

Not so sure about this Elf on the Shelf tradition…I am so out of ideas. And you know they will remember everything she did for next year, so repeats aren't possible. Although, the girls really thought Bell would like to play in the Barbie house more than she did.

Anyway, here are the remaining photos of her visit:

After Baby's birthday party, Bell attempted to use the leftover balloons to fly back to the North Pole.

Here she is, reading my book. It wasn't that scary so I had no worries about it giving her nightmares.

Bell must have been smacking her head against the floor after witnessing the children's less than stellar behavior during the first couple days of Christmas break. 

Hey! No peeking!

Here, she's switched out the Christmas stockings for actual footwear. (I think she might have been reading Jessica's Joys over my shoulder…)

We'd received an early gift in this package. Maybe she was trying to make sure there wasn't anything else hidden under those packing peanuts.

Seems like the kids aren't the only ones trying to eat the strawberries in the fridge. Kids thought this was hilarious, that she stayed in the fridge all day.

Then Bell disappeared. The kids couldn't find her for the entire day. But the next morning, there she was, sitting in a candy bouquet we got from friends. She had a letter from Santa, explaining that she'd stayed in the North Pole to help Santa get their presents ready. Santa had sent Bell back with a special gift for the kids, too.

In that little bag she's carrying were magic elf seeds. They looked like tiny Christmas trees. The kids were instructed to "plant them in sugar, sprinkle with snow, wait for the magic to see what would grow." Even though there was plenty of the real thing just outside. I explained that we use magic snow instead because that was what would help the seeds grow faster. They took a pinch, made a wish, and then sprinkled it over the bowl of sugar.

This is what appeared the nest morning! The Boy said he knew they were magic because there was no way I could make cookies that good. Thanks a lot, Boy.

Bell got together a few of the other toys for a game of Uno Attack. Looks like she's winning!

Bell spent her last night with us the evening before Christmas Eve, reminding us what the true meaning of Christmas is. When Santa dropped off the gifts, he took his little elf back home with him. She'll return next year, with lots of new ideas for playing in our house!

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!


Mary said...

Very cute ideas. Maybe when the boys get bigger and I have to start tricking them to be good ;o)

Jessica said...

Glad you found some inspiration from my elf ideas! :) I admit by the end, it was getting a bit hard to be creative.

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