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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Elf Invasion - Week 2

 Last time, I talked about Bell, our Elf on the Shelf. The first week was hard. Mainly because I kept forgetting that she leaves every night to report to the North Pole and then returns to a different location. Nothing like running downstairs before the kids in the morning to "make sure" she's back. So here's where Bell went the second week at our house.

Bell really likes being up high. I can relate. I'm pretty short and prefer to wear high heels. Unfortunately, she was so preoccupied with being up so high that she didn't change positions for the next morning. So when she heard the kids coming downstairs, she took a flying leap from her shelf…

…and landed in the Christmas tree.

The Barbies have all kinds of great clothes to try on. Too bad the shoes don't fit.

And shooting Nerf darts is really fun. Even if she did make a little mess on the Boy's floor.

Time to brush her teeth! I wonder if she has to floss…

Then, unfortunately, Bell caught the sniffles. She was in bed for two nights, until she felt better. Baby even snuck in to periodically check on her. Having just had a cold herself, she made sure to be really quiet so she didn't disturb Bell.

This was the end of Week 2. Things got more complicated the following week, when it seems that Bell was running out of ideas…

Week 1
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Janell said...

Back in my day our elf chose a nice observation shelf and then remained there for 24 days.

Make certain to record all your Bell adventures this year so you can reuse them next year =D

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