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Monday, December 31, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Swap

You know how I love a good swap…

My partner was the lovely and talented Katie from Life with the Ds. I think I was almost more excited about unwrapping a gift each day than my kids were.

Here's the package! Just counting down until I could start opening them:

And the results:


Day 1 - Green goodie boxes. Came in handy while I was hiding storing homemade candy.
Day 2 - Christmas cups! Didn't get a picture because they were pressed into service as soon as I had the wrapping paper off.
Day 3 - Hershey's candy cane. See? She totally gets me.
Day 4 - Glass charms. Perfect for those "Hey, that's MY glass!" moments...
Day 5 - Cookie cutters! I actually don't have many Christmas shapes so these were great.
Day 6 - Cupcake liners. Apparently Katie has heard about my obsession with liners!
Day 7 - Cocoa cone. Love these things! Also? There's only one serving so I don't have to share.
Day 8 - Collection of cards and stickers. I'm a sucker for cute cards! And that little chef's hat is adorable.
Day 9 - Ghiradelli Chocolate bar. Didn't get a picture because I may or may not have eaten it. I plead the Fifth.
Day 10 - Recipe cards. These were too perfect since I'm redoing my recipe folder and did you see that cute cow on the front card? Love it!
Day 11 - Scented candle in a votive cup. Yummy!
Day 12 - Cookie Mix in an oven mitt. I'm dying over the cute miniature spoon!

Thanks to Angie and Beth from CG Swaps for hosting. And especially thank you to my fabulous partner, Katie!


Beth W said...

I love the recipe cards- how cute is that?! :D

What a great swap package...thanks for joining us for 12 Days, and for being a great partner (and ditto for Katie...yay!)

Miss Angie said...

What a fun bunch of goodies! I am so glad you got to participate! :)

Katie said...

I almost didn't want to give you the oven mitt thing because it was so cute!! ;-)

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