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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So Be Good For Goodness Sake

I gave in to peer pressure and allowed a new family tradition: the Elf on the Shelf. (If you've never heard of these, go here.) We decided to ask for a girl elf because that seemed like more fun. The kids named her Bell, like jiggle bell. From her first night here, Bell was helping us get into the Christmas Spirit. Baby had made a countdown chain at school but it was severely mangled during a spontaneous wrestling match. I promised to help her fix it the next day, since it was already bed time. Bell had other ideas.

She taped the whole thing together while Baby was sleeping.
The next night was a little less serious...

She must have enjoyed watching the Boy play the Wii so she tried it out after the kids went to bed.

Not sure why she was playing in the dog's kennel but the dog was not going in there with Bell still inside. Oh, come on! The elf isn't that creepy looking...

I think she likes to be up high. She also hung from the chandelier.

This is what I get for leaving chocolate laying around...

After the first week, I was starting to struggle, maybe because the elf can only move once the kids are asleep. While looking for other ideas on where to place her -- er, I mean, where she might show up next, I found 101 ideas, which lead to this post on those "other mothers" and their overachieving (because, really, why would I leave a mess on my counters all day or give my preschooler ideas about drawing on family photos?), which lead down a slippery slope to PG-13 ideas. Well, maybe when they're teens.

Any suggestions for a tired mommy?

Week 2
Week 3


Me (aka Danielle) said...
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Me (aka Danielle) said...

We have an Elf...but my children don'tt know he/she exists. As it's tucked away in a closet. I hesitate starting the tradition..and not being able to keep up.

As for ideas..

Put some green food coloring in the milk and then hang Bell from the milk jug..in the fridge.

Set Bell around a laid out deck of cards with some of the kids stuffed animals. Make it look like the creatures were up all night playing games.

That's all I've got...and probably not that creative. I'm anxious to see what you come up with.

Popcorn House said...

SO SO CUTE! Merry Christmas!

Jessica said...

I'm with you. After a week I'm out of ideas. So far our elf has been found drinking syrup (found online) and hot chocolate. This morning she was found reading a Christmas story in the rocking chair. She has also been in the stocking, hanging out near a Santa decoration, and in bed with BG's doll.

Here's my question, how do you make the elf stay in those positions as seen online? Is she taped, glued, attached somehow? I'm at a loss there.

nikki said...

We received an elf last year (a well intending neighbor who didn't want our kids to feel left out) It was not the traditional elf, and it came with a paper, simply stating that the elf would watch and report to Santa, but not to touch him since he is magic.
So I never thought of doing crazy things with it - I mean my elf is very well behaved, he just moves around and the kids love it. I am glad my elf doesn't cause mischief - that seems counterproductive to the idea that he will report to Santa on the kids. I still think it is a pain, but oh well. What is started can't be stopped. The kids started talking about our elf - Jack Jingle Frost in October.
Good luck

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