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Friday, November 2, 2012

Best Decade Yet

Da Boo turned 10.
TEN, people! Double digits! I officially have a tween. So weird.

I am feeling far too decrepit and aged to put together a real post filled with nostalgic pictures. If you'd really like to see those, you can go here or here.

But I'd like to know how this

Became this

Seems like it happened overnight.

"With small children at home, the days are long, but the years are short."

Happy Birthday, Boo!


nikki said...

so so true - Love this thought about the years being short and the days so very very very long! especially when the hubby is out of town on business!
Happy Birthday Boo! I was just going through pictures and saw the ones I took right before we moved of your two older kids. Seems like only a couple years!

Kristie said...

Happy birthday!! I hope she has the best birthday ever! Time certainly does fly. It makes my head spin to think that here in 6 months I will have a teenager!!! Where has the time gone to?

Debi said...

Happy Birthday! I love the pictures of Baby Boo and Big Boo! She is such an adorable child. :)

Amanda said...

Aaahhhh. Happy Birthday Boo!

Chris said...

Happy Belated birthday cutie pie :)

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