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Monday, August 1, 2011

Move Over, Twilight!

Have you read "The Hunger Games" trilogy by Suzanne Collins? Not only is the writing of higher quality than the Twilight Saga, but the love triangle is a lot more believable. And no one sparkles. I even convinced the Man to read it! I can't get him to sit through an entire Twilight movie.

Rumors of the upcoming Hunger Games movie have had me going spastic like nothing else. I highly approve of the selected cast (except how hard would it be to have Peeta be blond? Really, give the boy some bleach and be done with it!). Also, does anyone know if Lenny Kravitz can actually act?

In my quest to find more tidbits of tribute goodness, I found this youtube yumminess:

(And since all my video frames get cut off, go here to see the un-squished version.)

I've been a Peeta fan since book one. Not just because he can bake, either. The guy is sweet! Who wouldn't swoon for someone who has been secretly in love with you since you were in pigtails?

Which one would you choose: Peeta or Gale?


Kristina P. said...

Haven't read them. I am rebellious like that.

But I do love the Britney song.

Popcorn House said...

PEETA!!!! I can't wait for the movie!

Nat said...

Easy. Peeta. I can't wait for the movie, either!

Emma said...

I love these books. I am a Peeta fan too. Aaaah! My dream of working in a bakery totally fits with Peeta. I am little hesitant about watching the movie, I just don't know if it will live up to the book. My hubby liked these books too.

Janell said...

I interpreted Gale as a very older-brother type character.

I interpreted Peta as being genuinely growing into love with Katniss, but it felt like she only responded to his affections with manipulation.

So really, I never felt there was much of a triangle going on at all.

Queenie Jeannie said...

I read the first book, and enjoyed it!, but it's been so long, I don't really remember much. I never read the other two either...add it to my to read list, lol!

To embed YouTube videos so they fit, you can customize the dimensions! I usually put "540" in for the first number and it computes the other one.

Beth said...

Ah, the Girl Who Was On Fire. I adored the series. I'm excited about the movie, though I know the books will always be better. Cuz that's just how it goes.

Now, honestly, as much as I loved Peeta, I was a Gale girl until the third book. He just seemed like a better match to Katniss, in terms of understanding her, helping her, teaching her, etc. Peeta seemed like a good guy, and certainly sweet, but too different from Katniss to be fully compatible. However, at the end of book 2, I think Peeta grew more to be a balance to Katniss, as opposed to just a puppy dog. And then I was rooting for the two of them, all the way.

Have you read all three books yet? I cried. So much. Cried, and then moped for a week after I finished the last one. :(

elesa said...

Yeah, I'm pretty excited about the movie too. And by that I mean PRETTY EXCITED! YAHOOOOOOIE!

Gale for me, all the way. I just like the strong, silent, dark and brooding type, and there is nothing I can do about it.

Lindsey said...

Among the best books EVER!!! I am a
Peeta fan all the way!

ramsam said...

Oh, these are so great. I loved them and can't wait for the movie.

You ain't seen nothing till you have seen this

I am addicted!!!!

Jessica said...

Loved the series and I vote for Peeta!

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