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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WWTK Wednesday

So here's my chance to tell you all the little personal things about me that you probably didn't really care about but hey, it's my blog.


1. You've been asked to give a 10 minute speech to teenage girls. What is it about?

Can I just text it to them? Because really, I don't think they're going to pay attention to what I have to say for a full ten minutes unless they can look at their phones. I would try to explain to them about their worth, how they are amazing creatures that should be valued, not silly things that no one cares about. If they feel like they are worth something, then chances are they will insist that others treat them as such, instead of putting up with possessive or demeaning boyfriends OR friends just for the sake of having them.

2. Do you have a pet? Tell us about them. No pets? Why?
I suppose my daughter's hamster counts as my pet, since I sneak into her room after she's asleep and play with him. But he's not really mine. I would love to have a dog, so much so that if you have a dog and I come to visit, chances are I will roll around on the floor with your pooch and wrestle and pet 'em instead of actually talking to you. Unless you have chocolate. The Man has never had a pet. Not even a goldfish. He's resisted pets but I put it in the marriage contract that one day, we would have a dog. If my father weren't so allergic, we'd probably already have a cat.

3.  What is the biggest inconvenience about the place you're currently living?
No backyard. I have a hard time sending the kids out to play because it means they pretty much roam the neighborhood, joining up with the other flip-flop-wearing hordes in search of more otter pops. Also? It's a big sticking point with getting a dog. He or she would have to be an indoor pet because there's just no place to leave a dog outside. I used to think that no fences meant more open spaces but now, I'm thinking maybe I should have valued my privacy a little more.

4. What do you think is the single best decision you've made in your life so far?
Almost all of the answers I've read for this one said marrying their husband. So I'm going to take it back a step and say that my best decision was to leave Texas. It was here in Utah that I not only found my faith again but also a sexy little piece of geekcake. Really, leaving home was what helped me realize my strengths and also that I needed to take off the rose-colored glasses and blinders.

5. What are the three "nevers" of your life? (things you would never do or have never done)
          - Never been drunk, despite trying my hardest that one time in college (sorry, Mom and Dad).
          - Never broken a bone in my body, but have had some demolished by doctors to make me Bionic.
          - Never matched up with a swap partner who didn't send a package. I have received some packages that were missing 50% of the donkey, if you know what I mean.

Answer one of these questions in the comments! (Or link up on your own blog and join in on the fun!)


Anonymous said...

You have read my answers... ;)

That's a good point about the texting. But, of course, I am just as bad. What's your number and I'll text ya what I had for supper tonight. ;)

Miss Angie said...

The texting point is brilliant! Haha! I love how much you love animals! Soooo cute!

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

50% of the donkey?

Jessica G. said...

LoPC - Sent you an email with the explanation on that. It might have been the caramel corn talking.

Stacy Q said...

Yup, I understand the wanting of a dog. My understanding husband saw the yearning look in my eyes when I browsed the internet for collie puppies... and now my constant companion is a supermodel of the dog world. He increases my glamor quotient by 100% or so when I'm out walking him in my slovenly sweat clothes.

Queenie Jeannie said...

I don't know how to text! I'm so old school....I think phones are for talking to people, not taking pictures, listening to music, browsing the web, etc etc etc, lol!!!

Nadine Hightower said...

And now I want an Otter Pop! A blue one.

Odie Langley said...

Great post Jessica. Of course I would have to talk about my Rocky. I think he has finally leveled off at 11 lbs. He still begs every time we sit down to eat and we try to not overdo. He loves us and is happy any time he can be laying between our legs in our recliners. He is very protective and will bark his little head off at anyone who comes to our home that doesn't already live there. He won't stop until they leave. Makes it rough to have even one of Linda's brothers over for anything. He is part of the family and if we leave for a vacation (not a cruise) we take him along and stay at pet friendly places. We are blessed to have him.

elesa said...

Hmm, I should probably just do a whole post cuz i'm having a hard time picking a question. But I really like your subject for the teenage girls. And texting it to them is a really good idea. I think it would work!

Jessica said...

You are welcome to come roll around with my puppy anytime. I'm learning that I like dogs, but more from a distance. I don't like the licking, biting, smelling part of dogs. I hoping he will grow out of most of that.

Missy said...

Great questions and answers!!!!
You need some pets and I can help you out!!! LOL

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